Historic Outlaw Biker Events And Massacres

The following historic outlaw biker events and massacres are sorted in chronological order. All of the following events played a role in shaping the outlaw motorcycle club scene into what it is today. Many of the events listed below link through to our full articles on the subject.

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Note: Just a quick note before the complaints come streaming in, clearly the feature image for this post is not an outlaw motorcycle club battle, it is a battle on horseback, Kearny’s Charge in the battle of Chantilly to be exact, we would have much preferred to use one of David Mann’s amazing outlaw biker works of art, but can’t due to copyright.

1940s Outlaw Biker Events

  • 1947 – Hollister Riot – The 1947 Hollister Rally goes down as the unofficial launch of the “one percenter” term and single-handedly sent the image of the fearsome outlaw motorcycle club into the homes of everyday America. Featuring many of the golden-age classic motorcycle clubs including the Market Street Commandos and Boozefighters MC, the event is widely believed to have been blown out of proportion by the media of the time.

Hollister Riot Drunk Biker

1980s Outlaw Biker Events


  • 1985 – Lennoxville Massacre – 5 unpredictable Hells Angels members from the Laval based chapter are murdered by their Hells Angels brothers in the town of Lennoxville, Quebec, with dozens of other members watching on. This event shook up the Canadian biker scene.


1990s Outlaw Biker Events

  • 1994-1997 – Great Nordic Biker War – An ongoing battle between the Hells Angels MC and Bandidos MC and their associates in Scandinavia which involved anti-tank rockets stolen from the Swedish military, dozens of bombings and shootings and ended in 11 deaths and at least 96 wounded.



2000s Outlaw Biker Events

  • 2002 – River Run Riot – Ongoing tensions between the Hells Angels MC and Mongols MC erupt inside Harrah’s Casino in Laughlin, Nevada during the annual Laughlin River Run motorcycle rally. 3 are killed and many more injured.

River Run Riot Harrahs Casino

  • 2006 – Shedden Massacre – 8 members and associates of the Bandidos MC are killed on a 40-acre property just outside the small town of Shedden in Ontario, Canada. The accused include a Bandidos Chapter President and National Sergeant-At-Arms.


2010s Outlaw Biker Events

  • 2015 – Waco Biker Shooting – The Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas is hosting the Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents meeting when a shootout begins between multiple clubs, most notably the Bandidos MC and Cossacks MC. 9 are killed and 18 wounded, with suggestions of police involvement. 177 are charged.

Waco Biker Shooting Twin Peaks Restaurant Logo

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