Colin Caesar Campbell – Bandidos MC

Colin Caesar Campbell is a former Sergeant-At-Arms for Bandidos MC as well as Comanchero MC. He is best known for his involvement in the events of the Father’s Day Massacre in 1984.

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Colin Caesar Campbell Early Life / Personal Life

Born on 18 July, 1946 at the Mater Hospital in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, he is one of 6 “Campbell Brothers” to have been involved in the outlaw motorcycle community at various times.

  • Bull – Phillip Campbell
  • Caesar – Colin Campbell
  • Shadow – Gregory Campbell (died: Milperra Massacre)
  • Snake – Geoff Campbell
  • Whack – John Campbell (died: Injuries sustained in the Milperra Massacre)
  • Wheels

He also has multiple adopted brothers, including Mario “Chopper” Cianter, who was killed in the Milperra Massacre.

From a young age he was interested in hand-to-hand combat, originally taught by his grandfather how to box, and also had an interest in the game of rugby league.

Colin has been married to his wife, Donna, for several decades, they have multiple children. They were last known to be living around the Snowy Mountains region.

Colin Caesar Campbell Bandidos MC
Colin Caesar Campbell

Colin Caesar Campbell Comanchero MC

His affiliation with outlaw-style motorcycle clubs began when he joined the Gladiators Motorcycle Club.

Colin, along with his brothers, joined Comanchero MC in 1978. Comanchero MC was led by Jock Ross, a Scottish military enthusiast who had a strong hold over the club and gave himself the title of Supreme Commander. Their clubhouse was based at 65 Harris Street, Harris Park, Sydney.

While in Comanchero MC Caesar was the Sergeant-At-Arms.

A second chapter of Comanchero MC was started in Sydney, the reasoning behind the new chapter has two possible explanations. Either that many of the members were sick of the heavy military-style hand that Jock Ross was holding over the group, or that Jock Ross was sleeping with another member’s wife, which was against the club rules. It is highly possible that it was a combination of the two that led to the split.

In 1982 Caesar moved to the Sydney City chapter of Comanchero MC along with his brothers. This new chapter was led by Anthony Snodgrass Spencer and their clubhouse was at 150 Louisa Road, Birchgrove, Sydney. A waterfront mansion looking onto Sydney Harbour.

Colin Caesar Campbell Comanchero MC Patch Logo

Colin Caesar Campbell Bandidos MC

Meetings were held between members of the Sydney City chapter and Bandidos USA. It was decided that the Bandidos would patch over the Comanchero Sydney City chapter.

While in Bandidos MC he once again took up the role of Sergeant-At-Arms.

Tensions grew between Comanchero MC and Bandidos MC, coming to a head on Sunday 2 September, 1984 in an event which would later be called the Milperra Massacre, or also known as the Father’s Day Massacre.

Colin Caesar Campbell Bandidos MC Logo

Colin Caesar Campbell Milperra Massacre /Father’s Day Massacre

Colin Campbell has gained most of his visibility in the public from his involvement in the events of the Father’s Day Massacre.

His brother Gregory “Shadow” Campbell is killed, along with his adopted brother Mario “Chopper” Cianter.

Caesar is shot multiple times and spends several weeks in hospital recovering from the injuries. He leaves hospital and moves to Perth with Donna. They live in Perth for a year and a half before he is found by police and extradited to Sydney.

Colin Caesar Campbell Prison / Crimes

The trial for the Milperra Massacre lasted over a year, with 332 days of evidence, in a case which cost in the vicinity of $11 million. Bernard Podgorski, a former Secretary of the Bandidos turned witness for the state.

On 24 February 1986, Caesar is charged at Waverley Court in Sydney with seven counts of murder, including the death of his brother, Gregory “Shadow” Campbell. He is convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to seven years without parole.

In February 1986 Caesar begins his time in prison. He spends 4 years in Parklea prison before being released. He is housed, along with dozens of other Bandidos Motorcycle Club members in Three Top Wing. His four year stay in Parklea prison was interrupted at one point when he is released on bail for a period of 9 days.

Three years after the Milperra Massacre Caesar Campbell’s brother, John “Whack” Campbell, dies from injuries sustained on the day.

Colin Caesar Campbell Books / Media

Colin Campbell has turned author and written three books related to his time in and around outlaw motorcycle clubs.

BookEnforcer by Colin Caesar Campbell.

This is a biography of Caesar Campbell. A large part of the book is spent detailing his time within Comanchero, the forming of the Bandidos, the Milperra Massacre and finally the aftermath. An excellent read. Find out more on Amazon (link opens in a new tab).

Bandidos Book Enforcer Colin Caesar Campbell

Book – Wrecking Crew by Colin Caesar Campbell with Donna Campbell.

Following on from his last book, Enforcer, the book Wrecking Crew covers his time in Parklea Prison, release and then re-establishing himself with the Bandidos once on the outside. Find out more on Amazon (link opens in a new tab).

Colin Caesar Campbell book Wrecking Crew

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