Demon Knights MC (Motorcycle Club)

Demon Knights MC are a one percenter motorcycle club founded in New York, USA.

Demon Knights Motorcycle Club History

Demon Knights MC were founded in New York, USA.

The Demon Knights are a support club for the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.

Demon Knights Motorcycle Club Patch / Motto / Colors

The Demon Knights patch is centered on a Demon holding an axe. In front of the Demon is a purple medieval knights helmet.

Demon Knights MC patch logo
Demon Knights MC patch logo

The Demon Knights MC pledge:

“Life a thief in the night, a warrior of darkness, we are the Demon Knights, a solider of war, on freedoms wheels we take flight, with my brothers we are one, without darkness there is no light”

Demon Knights Motorcycle Club Chapters

The Demon Knights are only known to have chapters within the Long Island, New York area.

  • Demon Knights MC East (Ronkonkoma, NY)
  • Demon Knights MC West (Westbury, formerly Bellmore, NY)
Demon Knights MC West clubhouse
Demon Knights MC West clubhouse – site of the old clubhouse (circa 2011)

Famous Demon Knights MC Members

There are no famous members of the Demon Knights Motorcycle Club, at least in a celebrity sense.

Demon Knights MC Crime / In The Media

2012 – 27 November, 2012. Demon Knights MC member Peter Kanakis is arrested along with Gambino crime family associate James Ferrara and The Westies street gang member Daniel Hanley on a federal indictment charging them with extortionate extension of credit, extortionate collection of credit, and conspiracy to do the same. They are alleged to have conspired to collect and attempt to collect loansharking debts from at least two victims, using threats of violence and displaying firearms to their victims. In one instance, when a victim could not make repayments on the loan, the defendants threatened him with brass knuckles and a baseball bat. As detailed in the government’s detention memorandum, the extortionate means used by the defendants to collect the loansharking debts included a shooting in December 2011 in which a gunman driving a car of the same color, make, and model as a car registered to Kanakis shot at the victim one morning as the victim was getting into his car to leave for work, narrowly missing him.

2015 – 13 June, 2015. Demon Knights member Frederick John Miller steals a Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum from behind the counter of a Merrick sporting goods store and walks out of the store before he is then caught by employees who discover that he had stolen 3 other weapons including a .44-caliber revolver and a .22 Magnum. Inside Miller’s 2013 Infiniti G-Series coupe, police found more unlicensed guns, including a North American Arms .22-caliber revolver, a loaded Colt semiautomatic .380-caliber pistol, and a Smith & Wesson .38-caliber revolver along with 25 prescription pills in his pocket. He was charged with multiple counts of criminal possession of a weapon and drug possession.

Demon Knights Motorcycle Club Enemies and Allies

The Demon Knights Motorcycle Club enemies:

The Demon Knights Motorcycle Club allies:

Demon Knights MC Books / Movies / TV

There are no books that we are aware of that are specifically written about the Demon Knights Motorcycle Club, however they do have a brief mention in the following books:

The One Percenter Encyclopedia by Bill Hayes. View this book on Amazon (link opens in a new window).

The One Percenter Encyclopedia Bill Hayes Florida
The One Percenter Encyclopedia Bill Hayes

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