George Christie

George Christie is the former Hells Angels MC Ventura Chapter President.

George Christie Hells Angels
George Christie Hells Angels

George Christie Personal Life

George Christie was born in Ventura, California in 1947. He is an only child with Greek immigrant parents.

As a teenager he was a surfer, which was where he was first introduced to motorcycles, as a friend of his had a Harley Davidson motorcycle which he brought down to the beach one day.

In 1984 he carried the Olympic Torch as part of the Los Angeles Olympic Games.

He owned a tattoo shop in Ventura known as The Ink House up until early 2013.

He has four children, George Jnr III, Moriya, Aubree and Finn, and a wife, Nikki. His youngest child, Finn, lives with him and his wife in Southern California.

One of his elder children, George Christie Jnr. III also had some involvement with the Hells Angels, becoming the Vice President of the Ventura chapter. In August 2015 he unexpectedly died in his sleep, aged 39, information about his cause of death could not be found.

George Christie’s daughter, Moriya Lynn Christie, is a criminal attorney and has acted on behalf of her father on numerous occasions.

After leaving the Hells Angels and serving some time in prison he acts as an organized crime consultant to networks including CNN as well as working with inmates to help them to understand the judicial process through his company “Felony Prison Consultants”.

As of 2020 George Christie is working on the production of a television show named Marked – The Unforgiven, where he plays the character “Big John”. The show is filmed in the Malaga area of Spain and follows the journey of a Marine Sniper who returns home to Ventura, California, where he teams up with Big John (also a vet) to form a motorcycle club.

George Christie Hells Angels MC Motorcycle History

In 1966 at the age of 19 he purchased his first motorcycle, a 1957 Harley Davidson Panhead, reportedly for $200. He then began hanging around The Question Marks outlaw motorcycle club, based in Ventura where he met Von Dutch and Dick Woods.

He joined the Hells Angels Los Angeles chapter and became a fully patched member in 1976 and only 6 months later was promoted to the Los Angeles chapter President.

In 1978 he left the Los Angeles chapter to start a new chapter in Ventura, where he held the role of Ventura President for several decades, leaving him as one of the longest serving Presidents and also one of the most famous hells angels members.

George Christie was thought to be a level-headed leader in most cases. Over his years as President he was able to build up relatively good relationships between the Mongols and Hells Angels in the Ventura, California area, at least in comparison to the widespread hatred that occurred between the Hells Angels and the Mongols elsewhere in the country.

In 2011 he was put out of the club in bad standings, with beliefs that he had cooperated with law enforcement. George Christie claims that he retired from the club.

George Christie Crimes

1986 – Charged with conspiracy to commit the murder of a drug dealer. He was acquitted, however had spent a year in prison by the time of the acquittal.

1998 – Indicted on 59 counts relating to the distribution of drugs. He spent a year in prison and pled guilty to conspiracy to sell prescription drugs as well as pleading no contest to the filing of a false tax return. This indictment covered multiple members of the Christie family including his ex-wife Cheryl, son George Christie Jnr III, daughter Moriya Christie and her husband Layne Bell.

2007 – 6 July, 2007. Molotov cocktails are thrown into two tattoo shops, Scratch the Surface and Twisted Ink, both located in Ventura. These two tattoo shops were thought to have some connections with the Mongols MC, who are a traditional Hells Angels enemy, however are on much better terms with the Hells Angels in the Ventura, California area.

George Christie Scratch the Surface Tattoo Ventura
Scratch the Surface Tattoo Ventura

2011 – 12 August, 2011. Indicted (with a superseding indictement in December, 2011), along with Benito Hurtado, Brian Andrew Russell, Kyle Douglas Gilbertson and Richard Reeves Russell III, on federal charges relating to extortion and the July 2007 firebombing of Scratch the Surface and Twisted Ink tattoo shops. George Christie is charged with one count of conspiracy to use fire or explosive to damage property, and two counts of use of fire or explosive to damage property.

The FBI statement at the time stated:

“The indictment alleges that Christie, while the president of the Ventura County Chapter of the Hells Angels, conspired to threaten the owners of rival tattoo parlors in an effort to force them to close down their businesses. When the owners remained in business, Christie allegedly conspired to firebomb the businesses.”

2011 – 2 September, 2011. George Christie is released on $200,000 bail and placed under house arrest. The trial is due to begin 31 January, 2012, however is delayed multiple times and does not start until January, 2013.

2013 – 1 February, 2013. A plea deal is reached, which sees him plead guilty to two counts of conspiracy.

2013 – August, 2013. He is sentenced to serve one year in FCI (Federal Correctional Institution) La Tuna, located in Anthony, Texas.

George Christie La Tuna FCI Texas map
George Christie La Tuna FCI Texas map

George Christie Media

TV – Marked – The Unforgiven – As of 2020 George Christie is working on the production of a television show, where he plays the character “Big John”.

Documentary – Filmmaker Nick Mead made the documentary, “The Last American Outlaw”, which started filming just before Christie was indicted in 2011. Originally started as a film about freedom within America, it turned into a biography of sorts about George Christie. The documentary was shown at the Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts, however later on pulled from mass release after serious concerns were raised that the stories told by George Christie were not factual. Threats have since come claiming that filmmaker Nick Mead may be sued if the production doesn’t continue.

Book – Exile on Front Street: My Life as a Hells Angel . . . and Beyond by George Christie.

George Christie’s biography takes you through his history in the Hells Angels, with of course a lot of details around the Ventura chapter in particular. The book has received some reviews stating that the story doesn’t quite line up with the facts, however that was to be expected to a certain degree. Find out more on Amazon (link opens in a new tab).

George Christie book Exile on Front Street My Life as a Hells Angel and Beyond
George Christie book Exile on Front Street My Life as a Hells Angel and Beyond

TV – The Outlaw Chronicles – History Channel.

Outlaw Chronicles is a 2015 collaboration between George Christie and the History Channel providing an overview of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. Many consider this collaboration to be spilling “club business”, however that much is also over-dramatized. Find out more on Amazon (link opens in a new tab).

George Christie Outlaw Chronicles History Channel
George Christie Outlaw Chronicles History Channel

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