Harry Taco Bowman

Harry Taco Bowman, born Harry Joseph Bowman, was a former Outlaws MC International President. He is currently serving a life sentence in prison.

Outlaws MC Harry Joseph Taco Bowman
Outlaws MC Harry Joseph Taco Bowman

Harry Taco Bowman Early Life

Harry Joseph Bowman was born on 17 July, 1949 in Marysville, Michigan, USA.

Harry Taco Bowman Outlaws MC History

After becoming a member, his history within the Outlaws includes the office positions of Chapter President and National Vice President.

In 1984 he became the International President of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club, where he was based in a Detroit chapter. He held his position as International President until 1997.

For much of Harry Bowman’s time in his role of International President he was assisted by Wayne “Joe Black” Hicks, who was the Outlaws MC Toledo chapter President, before being transferred to the Fort Lauderdale chapter where he became the President and later the Florida Regional President in 1990.

Harry Taco Bowman Outlaws MC Logo

Harry Taco Bowman Crimes

1982 – Wanted in relation to the murder of an Outlaws member in Ormond Beach, Florida.

1991 – USA. 21 February, 1991. The Warlocks MC (Florida) had aligned with the Hells Angels and were believed to be working on the drug trade together in the Florida area. This ignited tensions between the Warlocks and Outlaws. Warlocks New Smyrna Beach chapter President Raymond “Bear” Chaffin is shot four times in the neck and head area by Outlaws MC member Alex Ankerich while in his home garage working on his Harley Davidson motorcycle. He was found by his daughter, Wendy, when she returned home from school. The murder is later linked back to being ordered by Harry Bowman and Wayne Hicks. This information came out when Wayne Hicks turned into a law enforcement informant.

1992 – March, 1992. A fight breaks out at the Daytona Biker Week between former Outlaws probate Irwin “Hitler” Nissen and Outlaws Atlanta President James “Moose” McLean. Harry Bowman orders that Irwin Nissen be brought to his hotel room, at which point he threatens Irwin Nissen and orders other Outlaws members to beat him before he is dropped off a hotel balcony and sustains injuries.

1994 – A Warlocks MC clubhouse in Orlando is bombed. This bombing is later tied back to orders given by Bowman.

1995 – Outlaws member Donald Fogg is found dead in the snow. It is believed that Taco Bowman found out that he was a snitch and ordered the killing.

Harry Taco Bowman Arrest / Sentenced

1997 – Harry Bowman is indicted on ten counts, four of which are related to the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO).

  1. Conspired to conduct and participate in the affairs of an enterprise affecting interstate commerce through a pattern of racketeering. This count includes seventeen alleged racketeering acts.
  2. Conducted or participated in the events listed in count #1.
  3. Conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute opium, cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, and Valium.
  4. Threatening and assaulting members of the Fifth Chapter Motorcycle Club to maintain and increase his position in the RICO enterprise.
  5. Maintaining and increasing his position by conspiring to murder members of the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club.
  6. Distributing methamphetamine.
  7. Distributing opium.
  8. Distributing Valium.
  9. Destroying the Warlocks clubhouse in Orlando.
  10. Convicted felon possessing a .45 caliber semiautomatic pistol.

Although the indictment came out in August 1997, it couldn’t be served at his home. Taco Bowman became a fugitive.

In 1998 Taco Bowman was listed as #453 on the FBI Most Wanted list of the 1990s.

On 7 June, 1999 when he visited the house of his family in the upscale area of Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan he was captured by law enforcement.

Former Outlaws Vice President Wayne Hicks testified against Taco Bowman during the trial.

He was sentenced to concurrent terms of life imprisonment on Counts #1 and #2.

He received twenty years each on Counts #3, #3, and #6, ten years each on Counts #5 and #10, and three years on Count #8. These sentences were to run concurrently with his life sentence.

Part of his sentencing also saw him ordered to pay $18,000 restitution to the widow of Warlocks MC Raymond Chaffin in relation to the 1991 murder (see February 1991 in the “Crimes” section earlier in this article).

Harry Taco Bowman Prison

As at February, 2016, Harry Taco Bowman is imprisoned at FMC Butner, located in North Carolina.

This facility is a Federal Medical Centre, controlled by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, used mainly for housing inmates who have special medical conditions.

Within the Butner prison complex are 3 Federal Correctional Institutions (FCIs): FCI Butner Low, FCI Butner Medium I and FCI Medium II.

Harry Taco Bowman prison FMC Butner North Carolina NC
Harry Taco Bowman prison FMC Butner North Carolina NC

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