Henchmen MC (Motorcycle Club)

Henchmen MC is a one percenter motorcycle club, now based mainly around the West Coast of the USA but previously with chapters across several states.

There are multiple other clubs who also use the name “Henchmen” including the Devils Henchmen from New Zealand, who are believed to have no relation to this club.

There are also the Hells Henchmen, who are based mainly around the Chicago area and have connections with the Hells Angels and were involved in a dispute with the Outlaws MC in 1994 which resulted in their clubhouse being bombed. Their connection with the club in this article is unknown.

Henchmen MC History

Details of the founding of Henchmen MC are scarce.

Numbers within the Henchmen were strong up through to the early 1970s, with hundreds of members in areas including California.

Towards the end of the 1970s dozens of members patched over to other clubs, most notably to the Hells Angels MC as well as the Breed MC.

Henchmen MC Patch / Motto / Colors

The Henchmen MC patch consists of an Executioner wearing a blue hood, shirtless with blue jeans and holding a double-headed axe.

Henchmen MC Patch Logo
Henchmen MC Patch Logo

The colors of the club have changed over time, with a red on white coloring which then changed to black and blue lettering.

Because of the colors used the club sometimes uses the slogan of the “Black and Blue Crew”.

Henchmen MC Chapters

In the late 1960s the Henchmen Motorcycle Club had chapters throughout Chicago as well as New Jersey, however most of this presence reduced significantly in the 1970s when members patched over to the Hells Angels as well as some members going to Breed MC.

In more recent years the Henchmen have been mainly around the West Coast.

  • Henchmen MC California
    • Henchmen Calaveras Chapter
    • Henchmen Dago (San Diego) Chapter
    • Henchmen Livermore Chapter
    • Henchmen Sacramento Chapter
    • Henchmen San Jose Chapter
    • Henchmen San Mateo Chapter
    • Henchmen Tracy Chapter
    • Henchmen Valley Chapter
  • Henchmen MC Idaho
    • Henchmen Nomad Chapter
  • Henchmen MC Nevada
    • Henchmen Reno Chapter
Henchmen MC clubhouse Livermore CA
Henchmen MC clubhouse Livermore CA
Henchmen MC clubhouse Reno
Henchmen MC clubhouse Reno

Famous Henchmen MC Members

There are no famous members in Henchmen MC in the celebrity sense.

Henchmen MC Crime / In The Media

2011 – The San Jose chapter of the Henchmen hire a lawyer and file an official complaint with the Office of the Independent Police Auditor. The club claims that the police are illegally profiling them for DWB, Driving While Biker. The city have also been in the process of changing their zoning regulations in an attempt to prevent the club from running events out of their clubhouse, which at the time is designated as a “light industrial” area.

2012 – Daniel Marichalar, age 28 with the nickname of “Junior”, a Henchmen MC member from the San Jose chapter, is involved in a fight outside the Hideaway Bar in South San Jose. He is stabbed and taken to hospital where he is pronounced dead.

2016 – The Henchmen MC Idaho President, Ronald Eugene Bohm, is sentenced to 70 months in prison followed by four years of supervised release. Police attended his home in relation to a parking violation, at which point they noticed the smell of marijuana coming from inside the house while speaking with his wife. Ronald Bohm along with other members of the Henchmen returned at this time and a police dog gave a positive reading when near his saddlebags. Marijuana and guns were found in the saddlebags. A warrant was then obtained to search the home, at which point 63 grams of methamphetamine, 176.2 grams of marijuana and a digital scale with meth residue were found along with two AR-15 rifles, five AR-15 receivers, a .22 rifle with a shortened barrel, a 7.62X54 rifle with a shortened barrel and a drop in auto sear (parts designed to convert a semi automatic rifle into a machine gun).

Henchmen MC Books / Movies / TV

No books specifically written about Henchmen MC are available for us to recommend.

Instead you may be interested in viewing our list of outlaw motorcycle club books.

Henchmen MC Enemies and Allies

Henchmen MC enemies:

Henchmen MC allies:

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