Jeff Pike – Bandidos MC

Jeff Pike, born Jeffrey Fay Pike, is the former International President (El Presidente) of Bandidos MC.

Jeff Pike Bandidos MC
Jeff Pike Bandidos MC

Jeff Pike Early Life / Family Life

Jeffrey Pike was born around 1956, growing up in California where he dropped out of high school. He moved from California to Texas in 1973.

He has a fabrication business, building and painting custom motorcycles and cars.

He is married to a certified public account and has two children, who are now adults.

Jeff Pike Bandidos MC

Around 1983 he bought his first Harley Davidson Motorcycle and shortly after began associating with members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club, becoming a patched member a few years later when he was around age 23.

Moving up the ranks of the Bandidos he filled the role of Vice President to George Wegers. Jeff took over the role of Bandidos International President after the former President George Wegers was convicted on federal racketeering charges along with many other members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club.

After legal battles in early 2016 he is believed to have stood down from the role of El’ Presidente.

He is a resident of Texas, USA, living in Conroe which is located north of Houston.

Bandidos MC Logo
Bandidos MC Logo

Jeff Pike Crimes / In The Media

1980s-1990s – It is reported that he was arrested on weapons and assault charges. No further details are available on these charges.

2006 – Jeff Pike is questioned by Canadian law enforcement in relation to the deaths of 8 Bandidos MC members, known as the No Surrender Crew and based out of Ontario, Canada, who were shot in the head by another Bandidos member on 8 April, 2006, the event was known as the Shedden Massacre. Law enforcement were attempting to determine if this was a killing ordered or organized by by the Bandidos leadership. He was not charged with any offences.

2009 – 10 September, 2009. Michael Sandham, an ex-policeman who is on trial for 8 count of first-degree murder, in relation to the murder of 8 Bandidos members in Ontario Canada, testifies that he received orders from Jeff Pike to commit the murders.

2016 – 6 January, 2016. A combined operation between the FBI, DEA and the Texas DPS (Department of Public Safety) labelled Operation Texas Rocker, which had been in progress for 23 months looking into the distribution of methamphetamine sees Jeffrey Pike arrested at his home in the town of Conroe, 25 miles north of Houston, Texas and charged him with RICO conspiracy charges, extortion, intent to distribute drugs as well as additional charges. The National Vice President, John Portillo and Sergeant-At-Arms, Justin Forster were also arrested on similar charges in San Antonio. The indictment also makes mention of the issues between the Bandidos and the Cossacks MC, of whom they were in a battle with in Waco in May, 2015 which left 9 people dead and saw 177 people arrested. However, there was no specific mention of the Waco, Texas incident. He plead not guilty to the charges and was held in custody. It is worth noting that he was no at the Twin Peaks establishment in Waco, Texas when the incident occurred as he was recovering at home from surgery, nor were the Vice President or Sergeant-At-Arms in attendance at the Twin Peaks.

2016 – 11 January, 2016. Jeff Pike is released on a $250,000 bond after a court hearing into the charges laid on 6 January, 2016. Multiple people testified on his behalf, including his son and customers of his custom automotive fabrication business. The judge determined that he is not a threat to society if he is released, nor would he pose any flight risk.

Jeff Pike Books / TV / Media

Bandidos Book – The Fat Mexican: The Bloody Rise of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club by Alex Caine.

While there are no books specifically written about Jeff Pike, this following book details the rise of the Bandidos, written by Alex Caine who was able to infiltrate the club for 3 years and goes into detail about the 2006 Shedden Massacre mentioned above. Find out more on Amazon (link opens in a new tab).

Jeff Pike Bandidos Book - The Fat Mexican Alex Caine
Jeff Pike Bandidos Book – The Fat Mexican Alex Caine

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