Jesse Ventura – Mongols MC

Jesse Ventura is a former Governor of Minnesota, Pro-Wrestler and Mongols MC Sergeant-At-Arms.

Jesse Ventura Mongols MC – Early Life / Personal Life

Jesse Ventura was born James George Janos on Sunday 15 July, 1951 in Minneapolis, Minnesota to George William Janos and Bernice Martha. His parents were originally from Slovakia.

After leaving high school he joined the United States Navy, shipping out to California.

The Navy years included time spent within the Mongols Motorcycle Club, which was followed by a career in Professional Wrestling, over a dozen professional acting credits, a career in politics and finally years spent as an author. You could say that he has tried it all.

He has lived in a number of places including Minnesota, California and recently spends a significant portion of the year living in semi-rural Mexico.

He now rides a fully custom chopper built on a Rolling Thunder frame with an S&S 124 motor. He notes that his custom ride does not have any Harley Davidson parts.

Jesse Ventura Mongols MC
Jesse Ventura Mongols MC

Jesse Ventura Mongols MC – Navy Career

On 1 December 1969 he joined the United States Navy, as part of the Underwater Demolition Team.

He served on active duty from 1969 until 1973 and was part of the Reserves from 1973 until 1975.

He has the famous SEAL’s trident tattoo.

He left the service in on 10 September, 1975.

Jesse Ventura Mongols MC – Mongols Club Involvement

Jesse Ventura joined the Mongols Motorcycle Club in California around 1973, this was a period of his life where he was still active within the United States Navy. He rose the ranks of the San Diego chapter of the Mongols (Dago) and found himself as the Sergeant-At-Arms of his chapter. He moved back to Minnesota around 1974-1975.

Within the club he was known by the name of “Superman”, due to his physique and his desire to thrive at physical challenges.

In an October 2016 interview on the Joe Rogan podcast he claims that his chapter sent him outside when any questionable matters were being discussed in Church, as his chapter wanted to protect him as he was an active United States Navy member at the time and any punishment towards him would be harsh.

He has stated in multiple interviews that as recently as after leaving the role of Governor of Minnesota he rode his chopper around the state in full Mongols colors, although he had not paid any dues to the club in several years. It is highly unusual for an ex-member of any outlaw club (or at least a member who was no longer active within the club) to be allowed to ride in full colors without facing consequences, but it is possible that due to his very prominent public standing he was provided with some leniency.

The Mongols have since re-posted some of the interviews where he discusses his club involvement, so one could only assume that he is in good standings with the club.

Mongols MC Patch Logo
Mongols MC Patch Logo

Jesse Ventura Mongols MC – Professional Wrestling Career

After leaving the United States Navy in 1975 he attended the North Hennepin Community College in Minnesota. It was during his college years that he began seriously wrestling and weightlifting.

His wrestling persona was one of a villain, a bully, he was known as Jesse “The Great” Ventura, which was later revised to Jesse “The Body” Ventura.

His character went as far as the WWF (World Wrestling Federation), becoming one of the biggest names in the sport. Ventura claims that his final departure from the professional wrestling community stemmed from Ventura’s ownership of the rights to the character of Jesse “The Body” Ventura in a time when boss Vince McMahon was aiming for complete control over the licensing of professional wrestling merchandise.

The following is a promo clip of Jesse “The Body” Ventura:

Jesse Ventura Mongols MC – Acting Career

Jesse “The Body” Ventura took the acting skills learned on the mat to the big screen, first starring in the Arnold Schwarzenegger classic, Predator which was released in 1987, where the played the character Blain. He later teamed up with Schwarzenegger again in The Running Man and Batman & Robin.

His credits include the following movies (all links open in a new tab):

  • Predator (1987) – Blain
  • The Running Man (1987) – Captain Freedom
  • Thunderground (1989) – The Man
  • Abraxas, Guardian Of The Universe (1990) – Abraxas
  • Repossessed (1990) – Commentator
  • Tagteam (1991) – Bobby Youngblood
  • Richochet (1991) – Chewalski
  • Living And Working In Space: The Countdown Has Begun (1993) – DMV Testee
  • Demolition Man (1993) – CryoCon
  • Major League II (1994) – Playing Himself
  • Batman & Robin (1997) – Arkham Asylum Guard
  • The Master of Disguise (2002) – Playing Himself
  • The Ringer (2005) – Motivational Speaker
  • Borders (2008) – Conrad
  • Woodshop (2010) – Mr. Madison
  • The Drunk (2012) – Governor Littleton

Jesse Ventura Mongols MC – Political Career

His first role in politics came as the Mayor of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. He served from 1991 until 1995.

In November 1998 he won the election for the position of the 38th Governor of Minnesota. He served a single term from 1993 and left the position in 2003.

A number of humorous bumper stickers were made up around this time, with slogans including “My Governor can beat up your Governor”.

Jesse Ventura Mongols MC – Author / Media

Ventura is a strong conspiracy theorist on subjects such as the assassination of J.F.K. These subjects often become the focus of his books.

American Conspiracies: Lies, Lies, and More Dirty Lies That the Government Tells Us by Jesse Ventura.

In this book Ventura investigates some of the most well known cases in United States history including the assassinations of J.F.K, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. Through these cases he highlights some of the areas which were covered up by the government. View on Amazon (link opens in a new tab).

Jesse Ventura book American Conspiracies
Jesse Ventura book American Conspiracies

Jesse Ventura’s Marijuana Manifesto by Jesse Ventura and Jen Hobbs.

Looking at the use of marijuana, the “War on Drugs” and outlining the reasons why he believes that it should be legalized. View more on Amazon (link opens in a new tab).

Jesse Ventura Book Marijuana Manifesto
Jesse Ventura Book Marijuana Manifesto

They Killed Our President: 63 Reasons to Believe There Was a Conspiracy to Assassinate JFK by Jesse Ventura with Dick Russell and David Wayne.

Investigating some of the most common theories about the shooting of John F Kennedy including the “second shooter” theory, the questionable commission into the assassination and ballistics. View on Amazon (link opens in a new tab).

Jesse Ventura book They Killed Our President
Jesse Ventura book They Killed Our President

Some of his other books include the following (all links open in a new tab):

Read More:

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