Phantoms MC (Motorcycle Club)

Phantoms MC is a one percenter motorcycle club founded in 1962, with links to the late 1950s.

There are multiple other clubs who use the word “Phantoms” within their club name, for example the Phantom Outlaw Motorcycle Club, “Road Phantoms Motorcycle Club”, “Street Phantoms Motorcycle Club” and the “Highway Phantoms Motorcycle Club”. These clubs are not related to the one percenter motorcycle club discussed in this article.

Phantoms MC Patch Logo
Phantoms MC Patch Logo

Phantoms MC History

Phantoms was originally founded as the Phantoms Car Club in the late 1950s, but later in 1962 changed into the Phantoms Motorcycle Club after a vote by members.

Phantoms MC Patch / Motto / Colors

The Phantoms Motorcycle Club patch consists of a skull wearing a knight’s helmet.

Phantoms MC Chapters

The Phantoms Motorcycle Club have chapters in multiple states in the USA. They do not have any chapters based internationally at this point in time.

  • Phantoms Florida
  • Phantoms Maryland
  • Phantoms Nomad
  • Phantoms Washington DC

Famous Phantoms MC Members

The Phantoms Motorcycle Club do not have any famous members in a celebrity sense.

Phantoms MC Crime / In The Media

1991 – 19 January, 1991. Former Phantoms Motorcycle Club member Robert York is killed in Brandywine, Prince George’s County, Maryland. Robert York had assisted law enforcement with their investigations and is believed to have left the witness protection program shortly before his murder. Three Phantoms members were later charged with the shooting.

Phantoms MC Books / Movies / TV

There are no Phantoms Motorcycle Club books or other media that could be found.

Phantoms MC Enemies and Allies

Phantoms MC enemies:

  • To be confirmed.

Phantoms MC allies:

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