Rock Machine MC (Motorcycle Club)

Rock Machine MC is a one percenter motorcycle club founded in 1986 by Salvatore Cazzetta in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They had a heavy involvement in the Quebec Biker War and are long time enemies of the Hells Angels MC.

Rock Machine MC Patch Logo
Rock Machine MC Patch Logo

Rock Machine MC History

Salvatore Cazzetta started out as a member of the white supremacist motorcycle club named “SS” in 1982. He and another member of the motorcycle club named Maurice Boucher became the two became leaders. Hells Angels MC were looking to expand their operations into Canada and targeted the two SS members as having the potential to become future Hells Angels members.

In March of 1985 there was infighting in the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, which ended in 5 Hells Angels MC members of the North chapter being murdered in the Lennoxville Hells Angels clubhouse. The event was known as the “Lennoxville Massacre”.. Like many other one percenter clubs of the time, Salvatore Cazzetta did not agree with how the murders had occurred and decided that instead of joining the Hells Angels MC he would instead create a new motorcycle club alongside his brother Giovanni Cazzetta, this would be known as Rock Machine MC.

Maurice Boucher would go on to the eventually join the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and rise the ranks to become the local chapter’s President.

From 1994 to 2002 the Rock Machine Motorcycle Club would be heavily involved in the event known as the Quebec Biker War. See more details in the Crime/In The Media section further down in this article.

In 2000 Rock Machine MC became probationaries in a patching-over by Bandidos MC, as part of Bandidos MC’s expansion into Canada. This process was overseen by Edward Winterhalder under the directive of Bandidos MC International President George Wegers.

The Canada chapters later dissolved after rumours of in-fighting and speculation that the Bandidos Motorcycle Club leadership may have been involved in a 2006 massacre which saw 8 Bandidos members killed.

In 2007/2008 Rock Machine MC was reformed by ex-Bandidos MC and Mongols MC members. The reformed club then expanded into the United States as well as Australia.

In 2010 Rock Machine Europe was founded by the member known as Suat.

Rock Machine MC Patch / Motto

Members of Rock Machine Motorcycle Club originally didn’t wear patches on leather vests. Their reasoning was that this made it easy for others to identify members of the club. Instead they wore rings bearing an Eagle insignia.

Rock Machine MC Eagle Ring
Rock Machine MC Eagle Ring

The Rock Machine MC Motto is “A La Vie A La Mort”, translating to “In The Life and Death”.

The Rock Machine MC colors are black and silver. The motorcycle club changed their colors to red and gold during the years when they were patching-over to the Bandidos Motorcycle Club. When Rock Machine MC reformed in 2007/2008 the old colors of black and silver were re-adopted.

Rock Machine MC Chapters

Rock Machine Motorcycle Club has chapters spread internationally.

  • Rock Machine Australia
  • Rock Machine Canada
  • Rock Machine France
  • Rock Machine Germany
  • Rock Machine Great Britain
  • Rock Machine New Zealand
  • Rock Machine South Africa
  • Rock Machine Sweden
  • Rock Machine Thailand
  • Rock Machine USA
Rock Machine MC Suspected Clubhouse Kardinya Western Australia
Rock Machine MC Suspected Clubhouse Kardinya Western Australia

Famous Rock Machine MC Members

While there are no members with celebrity presence, the following members are well known for their leadership roles in the club.

Salvatore Cazzetta – Rock Machine Founder

Salvatore Cazzetta founded Rock Machine Motorcycle Club with his brother. Originally a member of SS Motorcycle Club, he considered joining the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club before founding Rock Machine.

Rock Machine MC Salvatore Cazzetta
Rock Machine MC Salvatore Cazzetta

The following leadership structure was published on the Rock Machine website in mid-2015:

  • Rock Machine World President: Suat
  • Rock Machine World Vice President: Oleg
  • Rock Machine World Sgt-At-Arms: Cubba
  • Rock Machine World Secretary: Tomas
  • Rock Machine National President North America: Jean-F
  • Rock Machine National President Australia: Uzzy
  • Rock Machine National President Europe: Terje

Rock Machine MC Crime / In The Media

  • 1994-2002: The Quebec Biker War was a feud where the Hells Angels MC were said to be attempting to take a monopoly hold of the Quebec street level drug activities. Many other motorcycle clubs including Rock Machine, as well as criminal syndicates, joined forces to push back on the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. The war lasted for 8 years and resulted in over 160 deaths.

Rock Machine MC Enemies and Allies

  • Rock Machine MC are enemies with Rebels MC in Australia. This stems from former members of Rebels MC members forming the first Rock Machine MC Australian chapter in Perth, Western Australia.

Rock Machine MC Books / Media

Book – The Assimilation: Rock Machine Becomes Bandidos: Bikers United Against The Hells Angels by Edward Winterhalder and Wil De Clercq. Find out more on Amazon (link opens in a new tab).

Edward Winterhalder book The Assimilation


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