Ruben Doc Cavazos

Ruben Doc Cavazos is a former National President of Mongols MC who in August 2008 was put “Out Bad” by the club. He is currently serving a 14 year sentence for RICO charges following Operation Black Rain.

Ruben Doc Cavazos Early Life / Personal Life

Ruben “Doc” Cavazos was born in 1957 in Northeast Los Angeles and grew up in the Highland Park area.

As a teen he joined the Los Angeles based Avenues street gang, whose membership is predominantly hispanic. He would later use these relationships to quickly expand the Mongols.

He became a licensed radiologist and for a time he worked at the Southern California Medical Center as a CAT scan technician. It was this work that led to his nickname of “Doc”.

He has a son, Ruben “Lil Rubes” Cavazos Jnr as well as a brother Al “The Suit” Cavazos. Both of these men were also active in the Mongols.

Ruben Doc Cavazos
Ruben Doc Cavazos

Ruben Doc Cavazos Mongols MC & Crimes

Ruben Cavazos left the Avenues street gang and began prospecting for the Mongols MC.

Once obtaining membership he was keen to quickly rise to the top. He would rise the ranks, firstly to be a chapter President and finally into the role of National President.

He used his connections with hispanic street gangs to quickly boost membership numbers within the Mongols. Some of these new members who were recruited from street gangs were reported to not even own motorcycles, let alone a Harley Davidson.

The move to quickly expand ranks and bring in those who are not traditional motorcycle riders caused some tension within the Mongols, particularly with some of the longer standing members. The move also put at risk the relationships that the Mongols Motorcycle Club had built over many years with the Mexican Mafia.

Extremely fast expansion for any outlaw motorcycle club results in the proper scrutiny of the probation period being put at risk. It was this speed of expansion, the desire to bring in as many new members as possible, that contributed to law enforcement agencies being able to infiltrate the Mongols and ultimately bring charges against many of the members.

2008 – 30 August, 2008. Ruben Doc Cavazos is voted out of the club, along with his son Ruben “Lil Rubes” Cavazos and his brother Al “The Suit” Cavazos. There are rumours circulated that he is a rat.

2008 – 21 October, 2008. Law enforcement raid his house in South Hills, West Covina, California and Doc is arrested as part of “Operation Black Rain”.

2009 – January, 2009. Ruben Cavazos plead guilty and stated that he “led a murdering, drug dealing criminal conspiracy called the Mongols Motorcycle Club” and that “the Mongols Registered Trademarks afforded a source of influence over the RICO enterprise that defendant admits he established, operated, controlled, conducted and participated in”.

He is sentenced to 14 years in prison.


Ruben Doc Cavazos Mongols MC

Ruben Doc Cavazos Prison

Ruben Doc Cavazos is sentenced to 14 years in prison.

At the time of writing he is still believed to be held in federal prison in El Paso, Texas.

Interestingly there are no records of a “Ruben Cavazos” when searching either the Federal Inmate Finder or Texas Inmate Finder databases.

Ruben Doc Cavazos Media

Honor Few, Fear None: The Life and Times of a Mongol by Ruben Cavazos.

Published and released in mid 2008 just before he was arrested, charged and sentenced as part of Operation Black Rain, this is the biography of Ruben Cavazos. Find out more on Amazon (link opens in a new tab).

Ruben Doc Cavazos book Honor Few Fear None The Life And Times Of A Mongol

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