Alky Haulers MC (Motorcycle Club)

Alky Haulers MC are an outlaw motorcycle club founded in San Mateo, California in 1989.

It is believed that there was a car club, based in the San Gabriel Valley, who used the name “Alky Haulers” which pre-date the publicised founding date of the outlaw motorcycle club discussed in this article.

Alky Haulers Motorcycle Club History

Alky Haulers MC were founded in San Mateo County, California in 1989. The Alky Haulers have close connections with the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and their known allies.

Alky Haulers Motorcycle Club Patch / Motto / Colors

The Alky Haulers MC patch contains a motorcycle engine block in the center. On the engine block are twin lightning bolts, sometimes referred to as “SS lightning bolts” or “SS bolts”. The SS bolts are generally linked back to Nazi Germany and white supremacy, however the Alky Haulers stance on these subjects is unknown.

Alky Haulers MC patch logo
Alky Haulers MC patch logo

Alky Haulers Motorcycle Club Chapters

The Alky Haulers Motorcycle Club have multiple chapters throughout California. They are not known to have any chapters based internationally.

Events organized by the Alky Haulers are generally held at local establishments, rather than being held at an official clubhouse.

  • Alky Haulers Bay Cities
  • Alky Haulers Manteca chapter
  • Alky Haulers San Mateo County
  • Alky Haulers Sintral Valley

Famous Alky Haulers MC Members

There are no famous members of the Alky Haulers Motorcycle Club, at least in a celebrity sense.

Alky Haulers MC Crime / In The Media

2008 – July, 2008. Eleven men are indicted on charges including suspected racketeering, extortion and conspiracy of trafficking stolen motorcycle parts as part of a federal investigation. One of those arrested is Alky Haulers chapter President Michael J. Orozco. Amongst the others arrested were former members of law enforcement, the CEO of Indian Motorcycles, a member of the East Bay Dragons MC and chapter Presidents of the Red Devils MC and Hells Angels MC. The leaders of the racket were suspected to be Robert Holloway and Brent Holloway, owners of the motorcycle shop Road Dog Cycle.

2009 – 8 June, 2009. Michael Orozco of the Alky Haulers Manteca chapter, who was indicted in July 2008, pleads guilty to one count of conspiracy to collect extensions of credit by extortionate means.

According to a statement issued by the FBI:

“Between October 2007, and December 2007, Orozco conspired with Robert Holloway and others to implicitly threaten the use of violence and other criminal means to cause harm to Josh Bell, in order to collect and attempt to collect an extension of credit given to Josh Bell … Orozco admitted that on October 10, 2007, he spoke via telephone with Holloway and discussed outlaw motorcycle club members who owed Holloway money. On December 10, 2007, he took possession of a motorcycle belonging to Josh Bell and on December 17, 2007, he spoke with Holloway regarding law enforcement’s involvement in the investigation of the motorcycle taken from Josh Bell.”

Alky Haulers Motorcycle Club Enemies and Allies

The Alky Haulers Club enemies:

  • To be confirmed.

The Alky Haulers Club allies:

Alky Haulers MC Books / Movies / TV

There are no books that we are aware of that are specifically written about the Alky Haulers Motorcycle Club, however they do have a brief mention in the following books:

The One Percenter Encyclopedia by Bill Hayes. View this book on Amazon (link opens in a new window).

The One Percenter Encyclopedia Bill Hayes Florida
The One Percenter Encyclopedia Bill Hayes

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