Outsiders MC (Motorcycle Club)

Outsiders MC are an outlaw motorcycle club founded in 1968.

There are multiple clubs who use the word “Outsider” or “Outsiders” within their club name. One of the most well known is Outsider MC, who are a multi-national one percenter motorcycle club founded in Austria and have no affiliation with the club discussed in this article.

Outsiders Motorcycle Club History

Outsiders MC were founded in 1968.

More recently in 2011 the Outsiders played a key role as part of the Washington Confederation of Clubs to successfully lobby to bring in a new law to help prevent the profiling of motorcyclists. In a presentation they have defined “profiling” as the following:

“Profiling occurs when a law enforcement officer singles out a suspect with certain characteristics because the officer believes that the class of persons that exhibits the characteristics is more likely than others to commit crimes.”

A number of other prominent Washington based clubs joined in pushing forward this legislation including Bandidos, Gypsy Jokers and the Free Souls.

The Outsiders wear their patch on a serape, which is similar to a shawl or blanket, unlike the cuts worn by almost all other outlaw motorcycle clubs which are most often based upon a leather vest.

Outsiders MC serape

Outsiders Motorcycle Club Patch / Motto / Colors

The Outsiders MC patch consists of ape hangers (high set motorcycle handlebars) sitting on top of a red cross.

One other club who use ape hangers on their patch are El Forastero MC, although there is no relationship between the two clubs that we are aware of.

The patches used a red text on white background, however the serape that they are worn on features many colors including black and grey.

Outsiders MC patch logo

The Outsiders use the motto “OFFO”, standing for Outsiders Forever, Forever Outsiders. This style of motto is extremely common amongst outlaw motorcycle clubs.

Outsiders Motorcycle Club Chapters

The Outsiders MC are based in the Northwest area of the United States. The motorcycle club do not have any chapters based internationally.

Outsiders MC clubhouse Portland, Oregon
  • Outsiders MC Oregon
    • Outsiders Portland chapter
  • Outsiders MC Washington
    • Outsiders Tacoma chapter
Outsiders MC clubhouse Tacoma, Washington

Famous Outsiders MC Members

There are no famous members of the Outsiders Motorcycle Club, at least in a celebrity sense.

Outsiders MC Crime / In The Media

1979 – 12 December, 1979. Outsiders Motorcycle Club member Robert “Pigpen” Christopher shoots and kills Portland police officer David Crowther with a shotgun during a police raid at the Portland clubhouse at 9014 North Lombard Street in St Johns, Portland. Robert Christopher claimed that the police failed to identify themselves as law enforcement officers when they entered the premises and pointed a gun at him, so he was unaware that they were law enforcement when he fired at them.

It was later determined that the police raid on the property was performed illegally, with the warrant obtained using perjured statements from a fictitious police informant. Robert Christopher was convicted of manslaughter, however later released after police misconduct was brought to light. Furthermore it was found that the police planned to plant drugs, including amphetamine tablets, at the premises. At the hospital there were drugs removed by police officers from the pockets of officer David Crowther.

As part of the investigation into the conduct of the Portland police department there were 58 convictions which were overturned and 35 cases dismissed.

Some original news coverage of the shooting:

1991 – 31 August 1991. Frank J. Pettingill leaves his house, telling his wife that he is heading out to purchase a tv guide and some hobby glue for a friend. Two days later his body is found by hikers near Blue Ridge Road in Sumner, southeast of Coos Bay, Oregeon. The man’s truck is later found near the south jetty at Bastendorff Beach and police find a witness who had given a ride to a woman who was standing next to the truck. The same woman was later seen with members of the Outsiders, so police execute a search warrant on the Portland, Oregon clubhouse. Nothing is found in the search.

Outsiders Motorcycle Club Enemies and Allies

Outsiders Motorcycle Club enemies:

  • To be confirmed.

Outsiders Motorcycle Club allies:

Outsiders MC Books / Movies / TV

There are no books that we are aware of that are specifically written about the Outsiders Motorcycle Club, however they do have a brief mention the following books:

The One Percenter Encyclopedia by Bill Hayes. View this book on Amazon (link opens in a new window).

The One Percenter Encyclopedia Bill Hayes Florida
The One Percenter Encyclopedia Bill Hayes

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