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Bacchus MC (Motorcycle Club)

Bacchus MC is a one of the largest one percenter motorcycle clubs in Canada. They were founded in Albert County, located in New Brunswick in 1972.

Bacchus MC Clubhouse Halifax Canada
Bacchus MC Clubhouse Halifax Canada

Bacchus MC History

Bacchus was founded in Albert County, New Brunswick in Canada. They are one of the oldest one percenter motorcycle clubs in the area and also one of the biggest. Like all traditional clubs they are known for riding Harley Davidson motorcycles.

The name of the club comes from the Greek God of Wine, Women and Song, Dionysus, who had an alternate name of Bacchus. Dionysus did not belong to conventional society but was seen as a protector. This falls in line with how many outlaw motorcycle clubs see themselves.

Bacchus are an independent club who have the strength to stand on their own and aren’t heavily influenced by any other single club, which has been helped by their ability to largely stay out of wars with other clubs, This has allowed them to build relationships with many different clubs, to the point where you can often see their members in photos socialising with other clubs, which is becoming a rare thing to see, as turf is often fought over.

In the early 2000’s there was talk of Bacchus becoming part of the Hells Angels MC, however these talks broke down and the patching over did not go ahead.

On the 8th of November 2014 the Original Red Devils Motorcycle Club were patched over by Bacchus Motorcycle Club, building on the strong relationship that existed between the clubs. As the Original Red Devils MC were the oldest one percenter motorcycle club in Canada, this title can now technically shift to the Bacchus Motorcycle Club.

Bacchus MC Vest Patches
Bacchus MC Vest Patches

Bacchus MC Patch / Motto

Like most one percenter motorcycle clubs, Bacchus have a three piece patch, with the club name at the top, their main logo in the middle and the chapter location at the bottom.

The Bacchus MC colors are Black and Gold.

The Bacchus MC motto is “Black and Gold will never fold”.

Bacchus MC Patch Logo
Bacchus MC Patch Logo

Bacchus Motorcycle Club, along with Original Devils MC members also have a different patch, a “1% Brothers Forever” patch, symbolising the connection between the two clubs.

The clubs essentially merged into Bacchus in November 2014, with Bacchus patching over the Original Red Devils.

Bacchus MC Red Devils Brotherhood Patch
Bacchus MC Red Devils Brotherhood Patch

Bacchus MC Chapters

Bacchus Motorcycle Club are one of the largest clubs in Canada, at the time of writing the club are yet to expand internationally. Below are their documented chapters within Canada.

  • Bacchus MC New Brunswick
    • Albert County
    • Saint John
    • Charlotte County
    • York County
  • Bacchus MC Nova Scotia
    • Halifax
  • Bacchus MC Newfoundland
    • Grand Falls – Windsor
    • C.B.S
  • Bacchus MC Prince Edward Island
    • Kings County
    • Prince County
  • Bacchus MC Ontario
    • Chatham
    • Halton Hills
    • Hamilton
    • Woodstock

Famous Bacchus MC Members

Dean Huggan – Prominent Bacchus Motorcycle Club member who was charged with significant drug trafficking offences in 2000 and then again in 2006.

Bacchus MC Crime / In The Media

April 2000 – Royal Canadian Mounted Police in the city of Tantallon charge Dean Huggan (aged 35), with drug trafficking and assorted weapons charges. The operation found 3.5kgs of hash and 659g of marijuana along with a small quantity of crack coccaine and a handgun.

November 2006 – Dean Huggan was charged again by police, this time as part of a drug trafficking operation run by police in Prince Edward Island over a period of 17 months. He was one of 18 people arrested as part of the operation.

March 2010 – Bacchus Motorcycle Club member James Russell Hall, known as Rustie, and his wife, Ellen Hall are murdered in their Barr Settlement, Hants County, home. This occurred shortly after the Hants County clubhouse opened.

July 2012 – Matthew Thomas Foley, aged 50, who was the President of the Saint John, New Brunswick chapter, is charged with second-degree murder of a man who was shot outside of the Bacchus Motorcycle Club clubhouse. He later pleased guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter.

September 2012 – Police raid the Nine Mile River clubhouse and as part of the operation arrest Patrick James, David Pearce and Duane Howe who are then charged with uttering threats, intimidation and criminal organization. The police raid allegedly turned up Bacchus vests, marijuana, steroids, magic mushrooms, computers and cellphones.

December 2012 – Paul Roderick Fowler, aged 45, charged after attacking a person with a hammer on New Years Eve. Official charges include attempted murder, assault, possession of a weapon and unsafe storage of firearms.

January 2013 – Royal Canadian Mounted Police charged 3 members of Bacchus Motorcycle Club, Patrick James, David Pearce and Duayne Howe of committing crimes on behalf of the club after the September 2012 raid. The charges also included extortion.

Bacchus MC Enemies and Allies

The club has strong relationships with many other clubs in the area including Para-dice Riders MC, Vagabonds MC, Highlanders MC and the Charlottetown Harley Club.

Bacchus MC Hells Angels MC
Bacchus MC Hells Angels MC

The Original Red Devils were also a close ally, to the point where they were then patched over by Bacchus in November 2012.

There are no notable Bacchus MC rivals, however the Hells Angels are a dominant club in the area (view the list of Hells Angels charters), particularly in Ontario.

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