Iron Coffins MC (Motorcycle Club)

Iron Coffins MC is an outlaw motorcycle club founded in Toledo, Ohio in 1966.

Iron Coffins MC History

The Iron Coffins Motorcycle Club were founded in Toledo, Ohio in 1966.

Originally they were founded under the name of “Chosen Few”, however they later changed their name to the “Iron Coffins”.

In 1983 the first German chapter of the Iron Coffins opened in Neustadt an der Weinstraße. In 1999 a second German chapter opened in Franken (Franconia), Germany.

Iron Coffins MC Detroit Michigan
Iron Coffins MC Detroit Michigan

Iron Coffins MC Patch / Motto / Colors

The Iron Coffins patch was designed by “Big Daddy Roth” also known as R.F. (Rat Fink) who was based in California. The patch consists of a skeleton riding a motorcycle with wings.

Iron Coffins MC patch logo
Iron Coffins MC patch logo

The Iron Coffins use the acronym “ICFFIC” which stands for “Iron Coffins Forever, Forever Iron Coffins”. This style of abbreviation is very common amongst outlaw motorcycle clubs.

Iron Coffins MC Chapters

The Iron Coffins Motorcycle Club have chapters across Midwest USA, as well as a presence in Germany.

Iron Coffins MC clubhouse Fostoria Ohio
Iron Coffins MC clubhouse Fostoria, Hancock County, Ohio

Some of their chapters are as follows:

Iron Coffins USA

  • Iron Coffins Alabama chapter
  • Iron Coffins Albany chapter, New York
  • Iron Coffins Battle Creek chapter, Michigan
  • Iron Coffins Black Swamp chapter (Grand Rapids), Ohio
  • Iron Coffins Detroit chapter, Michigan
  • Iron Coffins Erie chapter, Michigan
  • Iron Coffins Grand Haven chapter, Michigan
  • Iron Coffins Hancock County chapter (Fostoria), Ohio
  • Iron Coffins Howard City chapter, Michigan
  • Iron Coffins Irish Hills chapter, Michigan
  • Iron Coffins Jackson County chapter, Michigan
  • Iron Coffins Kalamazoo chapter, Michigan
  • Iron Coffins Monroe chapter, Michigan
  • Iron Coffins Northwest Florida chapter
  • Iron Coffins Southern Michigan chapter
  • Iron Coffins Southwest Michigan chapter
  • Iron Coffins Toledo chapter, Ohio (USA Mother Chapter)
  • Iron Coffins Tri County chapter, Ohio
  • Iron Coffins Washtenaw County, Michigan
  • Iron Coffins West Ohio chapter
  • Iron Coffins Ypsilanti chapter, Michigan
  • Iron Coffins Nomad Chapter
Iron Coffins MC clubhouse Toledo
Iron Coffins MC clubhouse Toledo

Iron Coffins Germany

  • Iron Coffins Franken chapter (Franconia)
  • Iron Coffins Neustadt chapter (Neustadt an der Weinstraße) – Germany Mother Chapter

Famous Iron Coffins MC Members

There are no famous members in the Iron Coffins Motorcycle Club in a celebrity sense.

Iron Coffins MC Crime / In The Media

1997/1998Avengers MC President Thomas “Big Foot Tommy” Khalil declares war against the Iron Coffins Motorcycle Club and the Forbidden Wheels Motorcycle Club, instructing his club to kill members of the other clubs and take their cuts.

2012 – 1 January, 2012. Iron Coffins Jackson County chapter President (he was also the former Battle Creek chapter President) Lee “Leeroy” J. Taylor is murdered in the Battle Creek clubhouse during a fight with other club members at a New Years party at around 6am on New Years day. Iron Coffins members Matthew Starkweather, John Lindahl III and “Paco” Mario Barroso are all charged in relation to the murder. The fight was rumoured to be regarding a $2,500 debt that Lee Taylor owed Matthew Starkweather. In September 2015 Mario Barroso is sentenced to between 5 years 11 months and 15 years prison in a deal which saw the murder charge against him dropped.

Iron Coffins Lee J Leeroy Taylor
Iron Coffins Lee Leeroy J Taylor
Iron Coffins MC clubhouse Battle Creek Michigan
Iron Coffins MC clubhouse Battle Creek Michigan

Iron Coffins MC Books / Movies / TV

No books specifically written about Iron Coffins MC are available for us to recommend.

Instead you may be interested in viewing our list of outlaw motorcycle club books.

Iron Coffins MC Enemies and Allies

Iron Coffins MC enemies:

Iron Coffins MC allies:

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