Donald Eugene Chambers – Bandidos MC

Donald Eugene Chambers

Donald Eugene Chambers, known as “Mother” was the founder and first El Presidente of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club. He died in 1999.

Donald Eugene Chambers – Early Life / Personal Life

Donald Eugene Chambers was born on 23 November, 1930.

After leaving school he joined the Marines and was sent to Vietnam.

He married and soon had children. He was employed as a dockworker.

Donald Eugene Chambers Bandidos MC
Donald Eugene Chambers Bandidos MC

Donald Eugene Chambers – Bandidos MC

After returning from Vietnam Donald Chambers founded the Bandidos Motorcycle Club on 4 March, 1966 in San Leon, Texas.

Within the Bandidos Motorcycle Club he was known by the nickname of “Mother”.

When Donald Chambers was sentenced to life for murder (see the Crimes / Prison section below for further details) his Bandidos leadership role would be taken over by Ronnie Hodge. Ronnie Hodge was known as the “Stepmother”, tying back to Chambers nickname. Ronnie Hodge would take the Bandidos through an expansion stage, where they implemented a more regimented leadership structure with office bearers for different regions.

After being released from prison on parole in 1983 he retired from the Bandidos.

Donald Eugene Chambers Bandidos MC

Donald Eugene Chambers – Crimes / Prison

1972 – Donald Chambers, along with Jesse Fain “Injun” Deal, “Crazy” Ray Vincente and Robert Munnerlyn abduct 2 drug dealers in El Paso, Texas after the dealers sold Bandidos member “Chunky” methamphetamine for $1,000, which was actually baking soda. The dealers, Mel Tarver and Ray Tarver, aged 17 and 22 years, were tortured and then driven to the desert where they were made to dig their own graves. They were then shot with a shotgun, set on fire and buried on 22 December.

Robert Munnerlyn, who claimed to be a Bandidos Prospect, contacted the FBI on the morning of December 24 and confessed that he had participated in the murders. That same day around lunchtime he led law enforcement to the place where the men were murdered, locating the shallow graves.

A formal statement was provided by Munnerlyn, after which search warrants were quickly drawn up. A search and arrest warrant for Donald Eugene Chambers was executed, with an M1 semi-automatic rifle, ammunition, a blood-soaked blanket, burned wallets, a shovel and shotgun shells being found.

Donald Chambers was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.

An appeal was requested in March 1974, but found that the original ruling was valid. A further rehearing was requested in April 1974 but denied. Read the appeal here.

He was released from prison on parole in 1983.

Donald Eugene Chambers – Death

Donald Chambers died from cancer on 18 July, 1999.

He is buried at the Forest Park Cemetery in Houston, Texas. He gravestone carries the title of “El Presidente” along with the well known motto “We are the people our parents warned us about”.

Donald Eugene Chambers Grave Stone

Donald Eugene Chambers – Media

While there are no books written specifically about Donald Eugene Chambers, he is mentioned in almost all Bandidos related books, including the following:

Bandidos Book – The Fat Mexican: The Bloody Rise of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club by Alex Caine.

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Bandidos Book - The Fat Mexican Alex Caine
Bandidos Book – The Fat Mexican Alex Caine

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