Heathens MC (Motorcycle Club)

Heathens MC is a one percenter motorcycle club believed to have been founded by Dannie Leroy “Sawgrass” Decker and associates in 2013. They are sometimes referred to as the Heathens Nomads.

The club discussed in this article should not be confused with the Heathens MF (Motorcycle Family), who were founded in California in 1973. The clubs are not known to be connected in any way, other than by the use of the “Heathens” name.

Heathens MC History

Heathens MC was founded by Dannie Leroy “Sawgrass” Decker, a former member of the Outlaws MC.

A large number of the Heathens members are known to have previously been members of other outlaw clubs, most notably ex-members of the Outlaws MC and Black Pistons MC (the Outlaws support club), some of whom have been put “out bad” by their original clubs.

Some members of the club have stated “Family 1st, Job 2nd, Club 3rd”. This is a very different view to that taken by the majority of other outlaw clubs where the focus on the club is a very strong priority. The Heathens state that they are setting a new way for outlaw clubs, setting new priorities with a strong work ethic and that they should not be bound by the traditional “rules” of outlaw motorcycle clubs.

Heathens MC Patch / Motto / Colors

Heathens MC Patch Logo
Heathens MC Patch Logo

The Heathens MC patch consists of an American Eagle with 7 stars and crossed lightning bolts below. Only the “Nomad” bottom rocker has been seen at the time of writing.

In a similar style to most outlaw clubs, the Heathens use the abbreviation of HFFH, which stands for “Heathens Forever, Forever Heathens”.

Heathens MC Chapters

No detailed information about the Heathens chapters exist, with many members known to be Nomads.

Famous Heathens MC Members

Dannie Leroy “Sawgrass” Decker – Heathens MC Founder

Also known as Daniel Leroy Decker, he was formerly a member of Outlaws MC and was arrested in 2010 in a raid on the Outlaws MC clubhouse in Cleveland, Tennessee for outstanding warrants. He has prior felony convictions for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, felony battery and felony assault.

As part of his sentencing he is believed to have signed a plea agreement stating that he would provide cooperation to law enforcement, which led to him being put in bad standings with the Outlaws Motorcycle Club around mid to late 2010.

Having left the Outlaws he went on to found Heathens Motorcycle Club.

Heathens MC Crime / In The Media

2014 – 1 February, 2014. There is a fight between members of the Heathens Motorcycle Club and Outlaws MC at the Easyriders bike show in Nashville, Tennessee. Reportedly around 15 members of Outlaws MC joined the brawl against 2 Heathens members, who were believed to have their families at the show with them. An Ol’ Lady of one of the Heathens was also involved in the fight, believed to have been body-slammed. An Outlaws members had part of his ear bitten off in the scuffle. The fight started over members of the Heathens were wearing a shirt supporting a jailed brother, who was an ex-Outlaws MC member. The Outlaws took offence at the shirt and were requesting they be removed.

2014 – 25 July, 2014. A fight breaks out in an Applebee’s in Athens, Tennessee betweens members of the Heathens and Widowmakers MC just before midnight. Shortly after there is a related shooting at the Kangaroo Convenience Store on Decatur Pike, where the Heathens are believed to have fired shots from a Chevy Tahoe at members of Outlaws MC. Outlaws Motorcycle Club members Steven Kirkland and Patrick Petty are injured.

Heathens members Patrick Petty, Jarod Christopher Grant, Robert Douglas Wood, Thomas Clayton Ingle Jr., and Jerry Watson Henry were all arrested in relation to the incidents and were charged with attempted first degree murder.

Heathens MC Robert Douglas Wood
Heathens MC Robert Douglas Wood
Heathens MC Thomas Ingle Jr
Heathens MC Thomas Ingle Jr
Heathens MC Jerry Henry
Heathens MC Jerry Henry
Heathens MC Jarod Grant
Heathens MC Jarod Grant

Heathens MC Books / Movies / TV

No books are available about the Heathens Motorcycle Club. Instead you may be interested in viewing our list of outlaw motorcycle club books.

Heathens MC Enemies and Allies

Heathens MC enemies:

Heathens MC allies:

  • No information about the Heathens allies is available.

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