Freewheelers MC (Motorcycle Club)

Freewheelers MC is a one percenter motorcycle club founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1968.

There are multiple clubs who use the name of Freewheelers MC. One of the most notable for the purpose of this article are the Freewheelers MC Ireland, who are one of the largest one percenter clubs in Ireland. To the best of our knowledge they are not in any way related to the USA founded club discussed in this article.

Freewheelers MC History

Freewheelers MC was founded by a group of friends in the western suburbs of Chicago, Illinois in 1968. The original club members had a variety of motorcycles including Honda’s, BSAs, Nortons, Triumphs and a single Harley Davidson motorcycle.

In the early days of the club they attended a bike show in Chicago. At the show they came across another club who were also using the name Freewheelers, completely by coincidence. The two Presidents built a friendship and decided to merge their clubs.

The club that was founded in the northwestern suburbs of Chicago was the larger of the two clubs so their patch was retained for use by the combined club.

Multiple members of the west chapter then patched over to the Hell’s Henchmen MC.

The west and northwest chapters then had a disagreement and decided to split. The west chapter then formed a new club, the Devil’s Ushers MC, who then later patched over to the Hell’s Henchmen MC. The former Freewheelers members within the Hells Henchmen Motorcycle Club then formed the Hell’s Henchmen Chicago West chapter.

Over the years some members came back to the Freewheelers, forming a single large chapter. This chapter then split again, reforming the west chapter after the 1999 death of long-standing Northwest President “Hot Dog”, taking some of the northwest members with them.

The are an ally of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.

Freewheelers MC Patch / Motto / Colors

The original Freewheelers patch which was designed by members of the western suburbs Chicago founded club consisted of the colors gold ,red, black and white. The letters MC are emblazoned on a set of gold wings.

Freewheelers MC patch logo original
Freewheelers MC – Original west

The original Freewheelers patch which was designed by members of the northwest suburbs Chicago founded club consisted of the colors black, white, greed and red. The patch depicts a bike with wings, flames are seen shooting from the rear.

Freewheelers MC patch logo original northwest
Freewheelers MC patch – Original northwest

The updated Freewheelers patch is based mainly around the colors red and black. It focuses on a skeleton wearing a purple robe riding a chopper. Flames are shooting out of the exhaust of the bike.

This patch is used by the members of the Freewheelers West chapter.

Freewheelers MC patch logo
Freewheelers MC patch logo

The Freewheelers Motorcycle Club use the acronym “FFFF”. This style of acronym is extremely common amongst outlaw motorcycle clubs, it stands for “Freewheelers Forever, Forever Freewheelers”.

Freewheelers MC Chapters

The Freewheelers Motorcycle Club operated out of Chicago, with the two chapters combining at one point and splitting again after 1999. Only the West chapter is believed to still be active.

  • Freewheelers Northwest Chicago Chapter (no longer operating)
  • Freewheelers West Chicago Chapter (Freewheelers Illinois)
Freewheelers MC clubhouse Illinois
Freewheelers MC clubhouse Illinois

Famous Freewheelers MC Members

Hot Dog – Freewheelers MC Northwest Chapter President

Hot Dog was the President of the Freewheelers Northwest Chapter. He died on 17 August 1999.

Freewheelers MC Crime / In The Media

No information on crimes is available for this club.

Freewheelers MC Books / Movies / TV

No books specifically written about Freewheelers MC are available for us to recommend.

Instead you may be interested in viewing our list of outlaw motorcycle club books.

Freewheelers MC Enemies and Allies

Freewheelers MC enemies:

  • To be confirmed.

Freewheelers MC allies:

  • Hells Angels MC
  • Hell’s Henchmen MC
  • Devil’s Ushers MC (later patched over by Hell’s Henchmen MC)

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