Renegades MC (Motorcycle Club)

Renegades MC is an outlaw motorcycle club founded in the USA in 1970, with the Australian Renegades are believed to have been independently founded around the same time. Renegade MC England was founded in 1994 and Ireland in 1996.

The clubs are all independently run, however loosely come together to form the Renegade Brotherhood.

Renegades MC History

The USA Renegades Motorcycle Club was founded in 1970, with the Australian based club founded around the same time.

In March, 1972 the Tampa chapter was founded.

On July 4, 1985 the Northern Ohio chapter was founded by former members of the Southern Ohio chapter and a member from the Dayton chapter. The original home of the Northern Ohio chapter was in the town of Masury.

In 1994 Renegade MC England was founded in Enfield, North London, known as the Enfield Band. Their club also forms part of the Renegade Brotherhood. In 1995 the Medway Band based in Kent was formed and in 1995 the Anglia Band based in Hertfordshire was formed. The Enfield Band left the club in 1998.

The England based in Renegade MC takes on a strong Native Indian theme, holding events known as the “Pissed Indian Rally”, refers to their chapters as “Bands”.

Renegades Ireland was founded in 1996.

Renegades MC Patch / Motto / Colors

The Renegades Motorcycle Club USA colors are red, white and purple.

Renegades MC patch logo
Renegades MC patch logo – USA
Renegades MC patch logo new
Renegades Brotherhood patch

The Renegades Motorcycle Club use the acronym “RFFR”, which stands for “Renegades Forever, Forever Renegades”. This style of motto is very common amongst outlaw motorcycle clubs.

Another motto used by the Renegades is “There Are No Rules”. This is a patch that they often wear.

Renegades MC patch logo Australia
Renegades MC patch logo Australia

Renegade MC in England uses a patch consisting of an Indian.

Renegades MC Chapters

The Renegades USA have chapters throughout many of the eastern states, as well as a Nomads chapter.

  • Renegades Florida chapters
    • Renegades Bradenton chapter
    • Renegades Fort Myers chapter
    • Renegades Gibsonton chapter
    • Renegades Plant City chapter
    • Renegades San Carlos chapter
    • Renegades Sarasota chapter
    • Renegades Tampa chapter
  • Renegades Georgia chapters
    • Renegades Canton chapter
    • Renegades Dalton chapter
  • Renegades Indiana chapters
    • Renegades Linton chapter
    • Renegades Muncie chapter
    • Renegades Portland chapter
  • Renegades Louisiana chapters
    • Renegades New Orleans chapter
  • Renegades North Carolina chapters
    • Renegades Currituck chapter
    • Renegades Elizabeth City chapter
  • Renegades Ohio chapters
    • Renegades Columbus chapter
    • Renegades Dayton chapter
    • Renegaes Northern chapter
    • Renegades Springfield chapter
  • Renegades Tennessee chapters
    • Renegades Cookeville chapter
    • Renegades Crossville chapter
    • Renegades Sparta chapter
  • Renegades Virginia chapters
    • Renegades Fredericksburg chapter
    • Renegades Newport News chapter
    • Renegades Virginia Beach chapter
  • Renegades Nomads chapter
Renegades MC clubhouse Muncie Indiana
Renegades MC clubhouse Muncie Indiana (before painting/signage)

The Renegades Motorcycle Club in Australia are based mainly around Queensland.

  • Renegades Australia chapters
    • Renegades Cairns chapter
    • Renegades Mackay chapter
    • Renegades Redcliff chapter
    • Renegades South Side Brisbane chapter (Australia Mother Chapter)
    • Renegades Townsville chapter
  • Renegade MC England
    • Renegade Enfield Band, North London (left the club in 1998)
    • Renegade Medway Band, Kent
    • Renegade Anglia Band, Hertfordshire
  • Renegades MC Ireland

Famous Renegades MC Members

There are no famous members in the Renegades Motorcycle Club in a celebrity sense.

Renegades MC Crime / In The Media

1999 – November, 1999. 28 members of the Renegades in Virginia are charged with distribution of methamphetamine.

2007 – 24 June, 2007. Outlaws Motorcycle Club member Frank Rego Vital was shot and killed in the parking lot of the Crazy Horse Saloon in Forest Park, Georgia, by two Renegades motorcycle club members who had reportedly acted in self-defence after they had been followed by members of Outlaws MC. The two Renegades members had been shot multiple times, but survived.

2009 – 28 January, 2009. Three Renegades MC members are arrested after police execute search warrants in Virginia and North Carolina. Daniel Ray Justice, Jerry Lynn Gurganuas “Skunk” and William Jeffery Wolfe are charged. All three are charged with assault by a mob, abduction, participation in a criminal street gang and conspiracy. The raids found 18 weapons (guns and knives) as well as small amounts of narcotics. Jerry Lynn Gurganuas, known as “Skunk”, is believed to be the National Enforcer.

2012 – 21 November, 2012. Shots are fired into The Pondo Cafe and Lounge in Newport News just after 1am. A nearby police officer heard the shots and attended the scene where they were told by witnesses that the shooters were in a white truck. A traffic stop was then performed on a white truck and in the search of the vehicle police found a handgun and “several spent casings, as well as a box of Remington Golden Saber” rounds. Renegades Newport News Chapter President Jeffery Andrews and member Michael Miles are charged with firing shots into The Pondo Cafe and Lounge in Newport News. Jeffery Andrews is charged with malicious shooting into a building, conspiracy malicious wounding and reckless handling of a firearm. Michael Miles is charged with conspiracy shooting into an occupied building, unlawfully shooting into a building and reckless handling of a firearm.

Renegades MC Books / Movies / TV

No books specifically written about Renegades MC are available for us to recommend.

Instead you may be interested in viewing our list of outlaw motorcycle club books.

Renegades MC Enemies and Allies

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