Notorious MC (Gang / Motorcycle Club)

Notorious MC is a group founded in Sydney, Australia in 2007 by Allan Sarkis who identified themselves as a motorcycle club, however many members did not ride motorcycles. The fact that many members did not ride Harley Davidson motorcycles led to the Notorious Motorcycle Club being known amongst the media and particularly amongst one percenter motorcycle clubs, as being a street gang.

The Notorious gang garnered a very high level of media attention in Australia throughout the years of their activity.

Notorious was classified by law enforcement agencies as no longer being an active gang in March, 2012.

There is a motorcycle club who use the name Notorious Motorcycle Club and operate out of Germany, Canada and England, for that club please refer to Notorious MC (Germany). The Germany founded club has no connections whatsoever to the Sydney, Australia based group mentioned in this article.

Notorious MC Patch Logo
Notorious MC Patch Logo

Notorious MC History

Notorious MC was founded in Sydney, Australia in 2007. They were mainly made up of associates and former members of the Nomads Motorcycle Club Parramatta chapter, which had at the time recently shut down.

The Notorious President was Allan Sarkis, who founded the club along with Sofe Levi (who is also known as David Lima).

There is significant speculation that the club was formed to attempt to gain a hold of the nightclub security industry, in particular around the Kings Cross, Sydney area. This is an industry also populated by other more traditional one percenter motorcycle clubs.

In order to quickly increase their strength they recruited many new members, often from nearby street gangs. Middle Eastern (mainly Lebanese) and Pacific Islanders  made up almost all of the clubs membership.

Many of the existing “traditional” one percenter motorcycle clubs spoke out about the rising levels of biker violence occurring around 2009 and pointed fingers at Notorious.

As part of the New South Wales Police operation named Strike Force Raptor, the organizational structure of Notorious MC was dismantled and the group classified as no longer being active as of March, 2012.

Notorious MC Patch / Motto

The Notorious Motorcycle Club patch consists of a skeleton wearing a red bandana who is holding up two revolvers. The words “Original Gangster” are written underneath.

The Notorious MC motto is “Only the dead see the end of war”.

The group were commonly labelled the “Nike Bikies”, as their look often consisted of Nike Air Max shoes, designer t-shirts and styled hair, rather than the more traditional motorcycle club look of boots, jeans and a scruffy beard.

Notorious MC Chapters

The Notorious Motorcycle Club chapters were limited to a single presence in Sydney, Australia. There is no mention of multiple chapters, although membership numbers did appear to be very strong at times.

There was no known Notorious MC clubhouse.

Famous Notorious MC Members

Allan Sarkis – Founder / President

Allan Sarkis was one of the founders of Notorious and was their President.

Notorious MC Allan Sarkis
Notorious MC Allan Sarkis

Sam Ibrahim – Rumoured Senior Member

Sam Ibrahim is best known for being the former Nomads MC Parramatta chapter President. This was the chapter who made up many of the founding members of Notorious. He, along with his high profile brothers John Ibrahim, Fadi Ibrahim and Michael Ibrahim according to New South Wales Police in 2009 all had strong links to Notorious.

In September, 2015, it was announced that the Australian Government would be deporting Sam Ibrahim.

Notorious MC Sam Ibrahim
Notorious MC Sam Ibrahim

Notorious MC Crime / In The Media

2007 – March, 2007. San Francisco 49ers running back Jarryd Hayne, who at the time was playing Rugby League for the Parramatta Eels, along with St George Rugby League player Mark Gasnier, were involved in a fight with members of Notorious in the Kings Cross area of Sydney. A member of Notorious pulled a gun and fired shots, at which point the Jarryd Hayne and Mark Gasnier quickly fled. This incident was the first major media attention for Notorious Motorcycle Club. It is believed that Hayne and Gasnier were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and that they had no association with the club.

Notorious MC Jarryd Hayne
Notorious MC Jarryd Hayne

2008 – October, 2008. A bomb is left under the car of Notorious leader Allan Sarkis. It is suspected that this was done by Comanchero MC.

2008 – 5 October, 2008. Senior Notorious member Todd O’Connor is killed in the suburb of Tempe, Sydney. It is suspected that a rival motorcycle club was behind the shooting.

2009 – 4 February, 2009. The Hells Angels MC Petersham clubhouse is bombed and a shooting occurs at a tattoo parlour. It is suspected that Notorious Motorcycle Club are behind these attacks, possibly in retaliation for the October 2008 killing of Todd O’Connor.

2009 – 27 February, 2009. The Bandidos MC new chapter clubhouse in Chalder Street, Marrickville is raided by men in balaclavas. It is suspected that this was the work of Notorious.

2009 – 16 March, 2009. The house of a Bandidos MC Blacktown chapter member is shot at. It is suspected that this was by Notorious.

2009 – 19 March, 2009. A house in Doonside, Sydney is shot at. The occupiers are parents of a high ranking Notorious member. A second shooting occurs minutes later on a house in the suburb of Prospect, Sydney.

2009 – 22 March, 2009. Six houses in three streets undergo shootings, believed to be related to Bandidos MC discovering that two of the Bandidos MC Blacktown chapter associates were passing information to Notorious, including the addresses of members.

2009 – 29 March, 2009. A bomb is placed at the home of a member of Bandidos MC. It is suspected that the Notorious gang are behind the attack. The police are tipped off and the bomb is disarmed.

2009 – March, 2009. New South Wales Police launch Strike Force Raptor in an effort to reduce the level of motorcycle club violence. Also targeted as part of this operation is the Notorious gang.

2009 – June, 2009. Fadi Ibrahim, brother of suspected Notorious high ranking member, and former Nomads MC President, Sam Ibrahim, is shot outside his home in Castle Cove while sitting in his Lamborghini Gallardo.

2010 – May, 2010. A Notorious member, Jihad Murad, is in his car with his girlfriend when 12 shots are fired into the car, they survive the attack. Suspected to be Comanchero MC.

2010 – August, 2010. Hameed Ullah Dastagir stabs Giovanni Focarelli outside a tattoo parlour owned by Giovanni Focarelli’s family. Hameed Ullah Dastagir was wearing a Notorious jumper at the time and was charged with attempted murder, after Focarelli survived.

2010 – October, 2010. Notorious MC President Allan Sarkis, along with a high ranking member are both charged after an attack on members of Comanchero MC in the suburb of Bondi, Sydney.

2010 – November, 2010. Armani Stelio, who is the sister of the Ibrahim brothers, has her home shot at in Ryde, Sydney. Suspected to be a revenge attack.

2010 – November, 2010. Saber Murad, a member of Notorious and suspected Notorious Sgt-At-Arms, is shot outside his home in Doonside, Sydney. He is hit in the thigh and groin but survives.

2010 – December, 2010. The Coogee Ink tattoo parlour, owned by Comanchero MC President Daux Ngakuru and Mark Buddle is bombed. This is believed to be a revenge attack by Notorious MC.

2011 – January, 2011. Sam Ibrahim, suspected high ranking Notorious member, is shot outside his parent’s house in the suburb of Merrylands, Sydney.

2012 – March, 2012. New South Wales Police announce that Strike Force Raptor has been successful in dismantling the leadership and organizational structure of the Notorious gang. This announcement is then listed as the end of Notorious Motorcycle Club.

Notorious MC Enemies and Allies

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