Anatolian Tigers MC (Motorcycle Club)

Anatolian Tigers MC are a one percenter motorcycle club founded in Turkey in 2003.

Anatolian Tigers Motorcycle Club History

The Anatolian Tigers Motorcycle Club were founded in Turkey in 2003, later becoming an official association in 2004.

Anatolia refers to the Anatolian Peninsula, also called Asia Minor, an area which is bounded by the Black Sea to the north, the Mediterranean Sea to the south, the Aegean Sea to the west, and the Sea of Marmara to the northwest, which separates Anatolia from Thrace in Europe. The Tiger referred to in the name dates back to the Anatolian Tiger, which was an animal last seen in the region in 1975.

Members of the outlaw motorcycle club are highly patriotic and can often by seen in the media involved in rides and events that support the nation of Turkey.

Anatolian Tigers Motorcycle Club Patch / Motto / Colors

The patch used by the Anatolian Tigers Motorcycle Club consists of a tiger head and the Hittite sun. Around 4000 years ago the Hittites established a kingdom in Anatolia (the Asian part of modern Turkey). They became one of the great powers of the ancient world conquering Babylon and challenging Rameses II’s Egypt, Greece and Troy.

Anatolian Tigers MC patch logo
Anatolian Tigers MC patch logo

The colors used by the outlaw motorcycle club are red and white. Red and white are also the national colors of Turkey.

The motto used by the Anatolian Tigers is “Tigers Till Death”. The club are sometimes also referred to by their acronym, ATMC.

Anatolian Tigers Motorcycle Club Chapters

The Anatolian Tigers have chapters spread throughout all of Turkey, as well as possible chapters in Azerbaijan as well as other parts of Europe.

Anatolian Tigers MC clubhouse Uşak Turkey
Anatolian Tigers MC clubhouse Uşak Turkey

There are a number of support clubs for the Anatolian Tigers MC:

  • Alabars MK
  • Anadolu Kaplanlari MK *
  • Ghetto Guardians
  • Sipahi MK

* Anadolu Kaplanlari is understood to act as a feeder club for the Anatolian Tigers. Prospective members for the Anatolian Tigers will first join Anadolu Kaplanlari MK before proving themselves worthy of trying out for the Anatolian Tigers.

Famous Anatolian Tigers MC Members

There are no famous members of the Anatolian Tigers Motorcycle Club, at least in a celebrity sense.

Anatolian Tigers MC Crime / In The Media

No crime information for Anatolian Tigers MC could be found.

2016 – 27 August, 2016. The Anatolian Tigers lead a protest ride consisting of approximately 150 motorcycles throughout Anakara, Turkey in response to Fetullah Terrorist Organization’s (FETO) coup attempt and terrorist attacks. Anatolian Tigers MC Secretary Alper Karataş stated that they were honoured to be in the land where the Turkish flag flutters and that they were always ready for any tasks that the nation and the state put on them to support Turkey.

A short YouTube video clip from one of their runs:

Anatolian Tigers MC Books / Movies / TV

There are no books that we are aware of that are specifically written about the Anatolian Tigers Motorcycle Club, however they do have a brief mention in the following books:

The One Percenter Encyclopedia by Bill Hayes. View this book on Amazon (link opens in a new window).

The One Percenter Encyclopedia Bill Hayes Florida
The One Percenter Encyclopedia Bill Hayes

Anatolian Tigers Motorcycle Club Enemies and Allies

Anatolian Tigers Motorcycle Club enemies:

  • To be confirmed.

Anatolian Tigers Motorcycle Club allies:

  • To be confirmed.

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