Highway 61 MC (Motorcycle Club)

Highway 61 MC is an outlaw motorcycle club founded in Auckland, New Zealand in 1968. At times throughout the last few decades they have been listed as the largest of the outlaw motorcycle clubs in New Zealand.

Highway 61 MC History

Highway 61 Motorcycle Club was founded in Auckland, New Zealand in 1968 and has had a large presence in the scene for decades, at many times being amongst the largest of the outlaw motorcycle clubs in New Zealand.

They are believed to have expanded into Australia in around 1984, later setting up a chapter in Brisbane in 1998.

Highway 61 MC clubhouse Tingalpa
Highway 61 MC clubhouse Tingalpa

Highway 61 MC Patch / Motto / Colors

The Highway 61 colors are black and gold.

The Highway 61 patch consists of a skeleton holding on to ape hangers (handlebars) with the road, or highway, seen below the skull.

Highway 61 MC patch logo

Highway 61 MC Chapters

Highway 61 are primarily based in New Zealand, however also have a presence in Australia.

The Highway 61 chapters are as follows. Note that some of these chapters are no longer active:

  • Highway 61 Australia
    • Highway 61 Brisbane Chapter
    • Highway 61 Gold Coast Chapter
    • Highway 61 Sydney Chapter
  • Highway 61 New Zealand Chapters
    • Highway 61 Auckland Chapter
    • Highway 61 Christchurch Chapter
    • Highway 61 Hastings Chapter
    • Highway 61 Northland Chapter
    • Highway 61 Rotorua Chapter
    • Highway 61 Taupo Chapter
    • Highway 61 Wellington Chapter
    • Highway 61 Westport Chapter
    • Highway 61 Whangarei Chapter

Famous Highway 61 MC Members

Malcolm Rewa – Serial Rapist

Malcolm Rewa, born Maurice Morgan Lewis in 1953, was a former member of Highway 61 MC. He is suspected of committing approximately 27 sexual based attacks against women between 1987 and 1996 as well as a murder. In 1998 he was convicted of 25 rapes and is serving a 22 year non-parole prison sentence.

Highway 61 MC Malcolm Rewa
Highway 61 MC Malcolm Rewa

Highway 61 MC Crime / In The Media

1979 – At the 1979 Nelson Mardi Gras event the Lost Breed clash with members of Highway 61 from Wellington. 4 are injured and 21 Lost Breed members and associates are arrested.

1983 – August, 1983. Head Hunters MC members Dave Smith and Jason Ruka are charged with murdering Highway 61 Motorcycle Club member Steven Bliss. Charges are later dropped after witnesses withdrew statements.

1993 – Highway 61 President Kevin Weavers is convicted of theft and receiving stolen cars to the value of $950,000.

1997 – New Zealand Nomads member Malcolm Munns is murdered by members of Highway 61.

1998 – Former Highway 61 MC member Malcolm Rewa is sentenced to a 22-year minimum non-parole period for 24 rapes committed between 1987-1996 plus 14 years to be served concurrently for the rape of Susan Burdett.

2000 – 8 August, 2000. Highway 61 President Matthew Bernard Grant and members Dean Waka Nathan, Garth Geoffrey Bucknall and Murray Arnold Simms murder Black Power member Max Shannon, the brother of the Black Power President Tony Shannon. He is shot in his car multiple times after attending rugby league practice. Donald Roger Wright was also originally charged, but cleared. Dean Carleo Noble was found not guilty of being an accessory to murder but was found guilty of unlawfully possessing a pistol.

2002 – A methamphetamine ring operated by former Highway 61 President Kelly Robertson, Filthy Few member James Henry Wilson “Little Willie”, Peter Francis Atkinson “Pete The Terrorist” and Kevin John Williams is found by police. It is believed that the group made approximately $300,000.

2003 – Highway 61 President Kevin Weavers is killed at the Highway 61 clubhouse on Holmes Road, Manurewa after being stabbed in the thigh with a 22cm knife, hitting his femoral artery in two places. Former Highway 61 President Kelly Robertson “Bad News Brown” is convicted of manslaughter. Highway 61 member Michael Douglas Gould and Highway 61 associate Michael William Brittain are charged with murder. Kelly Robertson was seen on security camera footage meeting with members of Bandidos MC around the time of the event and is believed to have been in the process of establishing a Bandidos New Zealand chapter.

2012 – In 2012 legislation was passed in Australia to ban entry to anyone showing patches, jewellery or any other items representing the following outlaw motorcycle clubs:

2016 – 19 January, 2016. Police in Brisbane, Australia perform a series of raid on properties used by Highway 61 MC, including their clubhouse in an industrial estate in the town of Tingalpa. 6 people were believed to have been living in the Tingalpa clubhouse. Drugs, weapons and stolen property are found in the raids. 7 people are charged with various offences.

Highway 61 MC Books / Movies / TV

No books dedicated to Highway 61 exist, however the following are available on New Zealand based outlaw motorcycle clubs.

You may also be interested in our full listing of outlaw motorcycle club books.

Patched: The History of Gangs in New Zealand by Jarrod Gilbert. This book covers the gang history of New Zealand, including details on the battles between the Road Knights MC, Damned MC, Devils Henchmen MC, Black Power and the Mongrel Mob. See this book on Amazon (link opens in a new tab).

Road Knights MC Book Patched The History of Gangs in New Zealand Jarrod Gilbert
Road Knights MC Book Patched The History of Gangs in New Zealand Jarrod Gilbert

Highway 61 MC Enemies and Allies

Highway 61 MC enemies:

Highway 61 MC allies:

  • No information is available on Highway 61 allies.

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