Descendants MC (Motorcycle Club)

Descendants MC are an outlaw motorcycle club founded in South Australia in 1974.

Descendants Motorcycle Club History

Descendants MC were founded in South Australia in 1974 by brothers Tom Mackie and Perry Mackie who founded the club after arriving to Australia from New Zealand. The brothers had witnessed many Maori led groups throughout the South Auckland where they had previously lived.

A few years after the outlaw motorcycle club was formed the South Australian government brought in anti-consorting laws. These laws saw members of the Descendants, along with other clubs, sent to jail for petty consorting crimes throughout the late 1970s. Club founder Tom Mackie has stated that he believes it was the result of these years in jail that saw some members of the club become hardened criminals, as well as providing them a chance to build up their criminal networks.

In more recent years the Descendants have played a strong role in bringing together the many patched clubs that exist in Adelaide and South Australia in general including the Hells Angels MC, Finks MC and Gypsy Jokers MC in order to unite against the anti-biker legislation that has been passed. The anti-biker legislation attempts to identify and treat outlaw motorcycle clubs as criminal groups in order to prosecute them for associating with one another. The Descendants clubhouse has been used as a meeting place for the multiple clubs to discuss these matters due to be it being seen as neutral territory to a certain extent and the fact that the Descendants are one of the most longstanding clubs in the state of South Australia.

Descendants Motorcycle Club Patch / Motto / Colors

The Descendants MC patch has a Griffin in the center with the letters “SA”, which would most likely refer to their state of founding, South Australia.

The club colors are gold and black.

Descendants MC patch logo
Descendants MC patch logo

Descendants Motorcycle Club Chapters

The Descendants are primarily based within South Australia, they are not known to have any chapters based internationally.

Descendants MC clubhouse Dry Creek South Australia
Descendants MC clubhouse Dry Creek, South Australia

Famous Descendants MC Members

There are no famous members of the Descendants Motorcycle Club, at least in a celebrity sense.

Descendants MC Crime / In The Media

1976-1977 – The South Australian police “Bikie Squad”, headed by Rodney Piers Bass (Sam), targets the Descendants Motorcycle Club and charges many members with consorting. Over a period of approximately one year Bass and his “Bikie Squad” booked members of the Descendants more than 30 times.

1979 – July, 1979. The South Australian police “Bikie Squad” shoots dead a Descendants nominee. Self-defence in claimed and the police officers involved were not prosecuted.

2001 – Descendants MC were named as one of the targets of the Police Operation Avatar, a law enforcement task force formed in 2001 and made permanent in 2002 which aimed to take down one percenter motorcycle clubs including the Finks MC, Hells Angels MC, Rebels MC, Gypsy Jokers MC, Mobshitters MC and Red Devils MC. This investigation was focused on the state of South Australia.

2009 – 18 June, 2009. It is reported that an unnamed 35 year old member of the Descendants is arrested for drug possession. Police say they found amphetamines, the drug fantasy and cannabis plants as well as hydroponic equipment.

2012 – 29 January, 2012. Former South Australian Comanchero MC high ranking member Vince Focarelli and his 22 year old son Giovanni Focarelli are shot in Dry Creek, South Australia. Giovanni Focarelli dies, Vince Focarelli is injured. This had been the fourth attempt on the life of Vince Focarelli in recent times after he had feuds within the Comanchero MC as well as with the Hells Angels MC. It is believed that the shooter was travelling with the pair in the car before exiting the vehicle and firing the shots. In April 2015 police announce that they had arrested a member of the Descendants Motorcycle Club who had allegedly been picked up at the Descendants Dry Creek clubhouse by the pair.

2013 – 18 November, 2013. After a two year investigation labelled Operation Divulge, police arrest 25 people connected to the Descendants MC, including fully patched members, nominees and associates after raids resulted in the seizure of an estimated $151 million street value of drugs. Found in the raids include 21kg of methamphetamine equal to 1.5 million street deals, 21,000 ecstasy tablets equal to 21,000 street deals, 587 g of cocaine equal to 1825 street deals, 7.5L of fantasy equal to 1500 street deals, 4kg of pseudo-ephedrine at a street value of $400,000, $240,000 cash and two illegal handguns. Some of the charges include taking part in the manufacture of a commercial quantity of a controlled drug, trafficking a commercial quantity of controlled drugs, aggravated firearm possession, possession of precursors and unlawful possession of cash.

2015 – April, 2015. The Descendants members Tom Mackie, Perry Mackie, Jeffrey Allen and David Bohill are issued with an order to remove fortifications that surround the club’s Dry Creek clubhouse. The requested changes included the lowering of fencing and removal of a steel gate. In a reply to the order the Descendants stated that they were more than willing to discuss and negotiate the required modifications to the property and on 21 May it was confirmed by the club’s lawyer, Craig Caldicott, that they would be lowering the height of the walls so that they complied with the order.

2016 – 8 September, 2016. 7 men are arrested who were known to have connections to the Descendants MC, including at least one patched member in raids conducted throughout the north of Adelaide as part of a long running police operation which the police labelled Operation Anna. The operation seized 168 grams methamphetamine, 2000 ecstasy pills, 11kg of dried cannabis, 21 cannabis plants being grown hydroponically, about $145,000 cash, vials of steroids, a trafficable quantity of cocaine, a trafficable quantity of gamma-hydroxybutyrate (Fantasy), three prohibited weapons (batons) and eight firearm with ammunition along with numerous cars, motorcycles and a fishing boat.

Descendants Motorcycle Club Enemies and Allies

The Descendants Motorcycle Club enemies:

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The Descendants Motorcycle Club allies:

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Descendants MC Books / Movies / TV

There are no books that we are aware of that are specifically written about the Descendants Motorcycle Club.

An interview on YouTube with one of the club’s founders, Tom Mackie, discussing anti-biker anti-association laws and how the clubs are often unfairly labelled by law enforcement:

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