Quebec Biker War

Quebec Biker War, refers to a battle between multiple outlaw motorcycle clubs in Montreal, Quebec, Canada which ran from 1994 until 2002, primarily involving Hells Angels MC and Rock Machine MC.

It is estimated that there are over 162 deaths that can be associated with the war.

Quebec Biker War – Clubs Involved

There were a number of outlaw motorcycle clubs as well as other groups involved in the conflicts:

  • Bandidos MC – Aligned with Rock Machine for the war

Quebec Biker War Bandidos MC Logo

Quebec Biker War Hells Angels Logo

  • Pelletier Clan – A Montreal crime family who joined forces with Rock Machine
  • Rock Machine MC

Quebec Biker War Rock Machine MC Patch Logo

Multiple groups including Rock Machine and the Pelletier Clan combined forces to create “The Alliance”, who worked together against the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.

Quebec Biker War – Leadup / Motive

In 1977 the Hells Angels opened a chapter in Quebec, Montreal, Canada, after the Popeyes Motorcycle Club were patched over by the Hells Angels. This was their first known presence in Quebec.

In 1986 Rock Machine MC was founded.

There are multiple suggested motives which led to the Quebec Biker War, the most common being that the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club were attempting to take hold of Quebec and the local drug trade.

In 1994 the Rock Machine Founder Salvatore Cazzetta was arrested for attempting to import 11 tonnes of cocaine. Hells Angels Quebec Chapter President Maurice Boucher was then said to have increased the Hells Angels pressure on Rock Machine.

Quebec Biker War – Timeline of Events

There are literally hundreds of events that can be associated with the Quebec Biker War, below are some of them:

14 July, 1994 – 2 members of a club associated with the Hells Angels shoot and kill a Rock Machine associate inside a motorcycle shop.

19 October, 1994 – Maurice Lavoie, aged 32, arrives home with his 22 year old girlfriend. Patrick Call fires several shots into the car, killing Maurice Lavoie instantly. Although his girlfriend is hit she is able to exit the car and later identifies Patrick Call, who is a member of the Pelletier Clan. It is believed that Maurice Lavoie had decided to buy drugs from the Hells Angels instead of the Pelletier Clan, which is believed to have led to the shooting. Some people list this event as being the start of the Quebec Biker War.

9 August, 1995 – A jeep is wired with a remote controlled bomb. The explosion kills an 11 year old boy, Daniel Desrochers, who is playing in a nearby yard, as well as the occupant of the vehicle, Marc Dubé.

Quebec Biker Wars Jeep Bomb

4 October, 1995 – The Royal Canadian Mounted Police launch Operation Wolverine, in an attempt to slow the escalating violence.

2000 – Normand “Biff” Hamel, a Hells Angels Quebec Nomad is shot to death outside a health clinic. Bandidos MC ex-member Tony Duguay is charged with the murder.

2000 – Rock Machine MC is patched over by Bandidos MC, as part of Bandidos MC’s expansion into Canada. This process was overseen by Edward Winterhalder under the directive of Bandidos MC International President George Wegers.

Quebec Biker War – Victims

It is estimated that there were over 162 deaths that can be attributed to the Quebec Biker War.

Daniel Desrochers –  Killed by shrapnel when a jeep was blown up in an attack on 9 August 1995. He was playing in a schoolyard near the vehicle. If it wasn’t for Daniel’s death the Quebec Biker War would not have received the same level of publicity.

Quebec Biker War Daniel Desrochers
Daniel Desrochers

Quebec Biker War – Police Investigation, Charges & Aftermath

Maurice Mom Boucher – The Hells Angels President Mom Boucher is found guilty on two counts of murder for the 26 June 1997 murder of prison guard Diane Lavigne and the 8 September 1997 murder of prison guard Pierre Rondeau and one count of the attempted murder of prison guard Robert Corriveau, who was a colleague of Pierre Rondeau. He is sentenced to three concurrent life sentences with no chance of parole until 2022.

Since 2002 Maurice Boucher is being held in the Special Handling Unit (SHU), super-maximum federal penitentiary which is located in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines just outside of Montreal.

On 3 November 2015 while in prison Maurice Boucher and Rene Girard are believed to have stabbed inmate Ghislain Gaudet. They are both charged with attempted murder.

View our full article on Maurice “Mom” Boucher.

Quebec Biker War Maurice Mom Boucher
Maurice Mom Boucher

2001 – Police Operation Springtime makes 139 arrests of people believed to be associated with the Hells Angels.

2009 – April, 2009. 156 arrests in the Dominican Republic, France, New Brunswick and Quebec as part of Operation SharQc (Stratégie Hells Angels Région Québec) made up of 111 Hells Angels members and 45 Hells Angels associates. The arrests are alleged to solve 22 murders that occurred between 1992 and 2009, including some which were related to the Quebec Biker War.

2015 – March, 2015. 18 men with connections to the Hells Angels plead guilty to general conspiracy to commit murder. Included in those charged are Hells Angels Canadian National President Michel Langlois (aka “Sky”) and Normand Labelle (aka “Billy”).

2015 – October 9, 2015. The trial of five men identified in Operation SharQc believed to have been members of the Hells Angels Sherbrooke Chapter between 1994 and 2002, Claude Berger, Yvon Tanguay, François Vachon, Sylvain Vachon and Michel Vallières is ended by Superior Court Justice James Brunton after it became apparent that key evidence in the case held by the Prosecution had only been provided to the Defence a month prior.

Quebec Biker War – Books

View our list of outlaw motorcycle club books to see our recommended reads.

Hell’s Angels Biker Wars by RJ Parker.

Please note that we have not read this book, so suggest that you read the reviews before purchasing (link opens in a new tab).

Quebec Biker War book Hells Angels Biker Wars The Rock Machine Massacre RJ Parker
Hells Angels Biker Wars: The Rock Machine Massacre by RJ Parker

The Biker Trials: Bringing Down The Hells Angels by Paul Cherry.

This book appears to have more of a focus on the trials that follow the events, rather than the events themselves. Please note that we have not read this book, so suggest that you read the reviews before purchasing (link opens in a new tab).

Quebec Biker War book The Biker Trials Paul Cherry
The Biker Trials by Paul Cherry

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