Warlocks MC (Motorcycle Club – Pennsylvania)

Warlocks MC is a one percenter motorcycle club founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1967.

There is also a Warlocks Motorcycle Club who were founded in Florida, they are not related to the club mentioned in this article. See Warlocks MC (Florida) for more information.

Warlocks MC Patch Logo Pennsylvania
Warlocks MC Patch Logo Pennsylvania

Warlocks MC History

Warlocks Motorcycle Club was founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in February of 1967.

The club was able to quickly gain a following due to the large number of returned Vietnam veterans who loved to ride Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Warlocks Motorcycle Club are, and have always been, a “whites only” outlaw motorcycle club. This stance on a white only membership appears to be an area of strong pride of the club. They also do state that they don’t aim to show any hatred to those of different ethnicities.

The Warlocks have stated previously that they wish to keep a low profile, particularly when it comes to the internet and media attention as they believe that these avenues can often lead to the downfall of a one percenter motorcycle club.

There appears to have been some divide within the club in recent years, with the Chester chapter identifying themselves as the “Original Warlocks”. There are some individuals who identify themselves as Harpy patched Warlocks (founded in Philadelphia), but who are operating in the Florida area.

In the last few months of 2011 the clubhouse on Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia was closed. The fate of the Warlocks is unknown.

Warlocks MC Clubhouse Philadelphia
Warlocks MC Clubhouse Philadelphia – old clubhouse, now appears to be closed, circa 2011

Warlocks MC Patch / Motto / Colors

The Warlocks Motorcycle Club patch is a harpy.

The Warlocks colors are red and white.

One of the Warlocks mottos is “All White! Red and White”. This motto highlights their motorcycle club’s policy on maintaining a whites only membership.

Warlocks MC Chapters

The Warlocks have chapters focussed around the Philadelphia area where they were first founded. Some of the areas where the chapters operate are as follows:

  • Warlocks Bucks County Chapter
  • Warlocks Chester Chapter
  • Warlocks Delaware County Chapter
  • Warlocks Lehigh Valley Chapter
  • Warlocks South Philly (Philadelphia) Chapter
  • Warlocks South Jersey Chapter

Note: Some of these chapters are now no longer active.

Famous Warlocks MC Members

While there are no famous Warlocks motorcycle club members in a  celebrity sense, there are some who have gained more media attention than others.

Robert “Mudman” Simon

Robert Simon was a member of the Upper Darby teen gang called the Warlords that merged with a group from Darby to create the Warlocks. He murdered his girlfriend in 1974 and was released on parole in 1995. 11 weeks after receiving parole he murdered a police officer and received the death sentence. He was then murdered in 1999 by an inmate while waiting on death row.

Charles Staples

Charles Stapes was a member of the Warlocks who picked up Robert Simon from prison in 1995 after he was paroled. Charles Staples was a newer member of the Warlocks, having joined in 1988 and held a regular job and was not part of the violent acts that the Warlocks were known for in the 1970s and 1980s. Charles Staples was in the car with Robert Simon in 1995 when the shooting of police officer Sgt Ippolito Gonzalez was murdered. See the “Crime / In The Media Section” for more information.

Warlocks MC Robert Staples
Warlocks MC Robert Staples

Warlocks MC Crime / In The Media

1974 – Warlocks member Robert “Mudman” Simon kills his 19 year old girlfriend. In 1982 he is sentenced to 10-20 years. He is paroled in 1995. Shortly after he commits another crime. See May, 1995 below for more information.

1988 – December, 1988. Multiple members of the Warlocks had been attacked in a bar by members of The Breed MC, so they decided to take revenge. Warlocks captured The Breed Chapter President Craig “Coyote” Gudkneckt and took him to the home of one of the Warlocks members. At the home they tied him up, beat him and pistol-whipped him. Craig Gudkneckt was able to escape and went straight to the police to report the crime.

1995 – May, 1995. Warlocks motorcycle club member Robert “Mudman” Simon shoots and kills Sgt. Ippolito Gonzalez of the Franklin Township police department just outside the Gloucester County police station. He later admitted to the crime and was sentenced to death in April, 1997. At the time of the shooting Robert Simon had only been on parole for 11 weeks. See 1974 above for more information on his first prison sentence.

Warlocks MC Sgt Ippolito Gonzalez
Warlocks MC Sgt Ippolito Gonzalez

1999 – 7 September, 1999. Warlocks member Robert “Mudman” Simon is beaten to death by Ambrose Harris, who is not related to the Warlocks Motorcycle Club, while on death row in Trenton State Prison. Robert Simon was on death row for the 1995 killing of a police officer, Ambrose Harris was on death row for a 1992 kidnapping and murder of Kristin Higgins. See May, 1995 for more information on the murder of the police officer.

Warlocks MC Ambrose Harris
Warlocks MC Ambrose Harris

2005 – Police charge 13 people for their involvement in a methamphetamine drug ring, seizing 50 pounds of meth, $700,000 and weapons. The 13 people include some with ties to the Warlocks including Thomas Zaroff (Bucks County President), Patrick “Rags” McMenamin and John Kelly.

2006 – Former Warlocks Bucks County Chapter President Tommy Zaroff is arrested on suspicion of possessing ten pounds of methamphetamine. It is believed that Tommy Zaroff joined The Outlaws MC shortly after the incident.

2009 – 4 February, 2009. Warlocks member Daniel “Dirty Dick” McElheney has his house raided by law enforcement. In the raid they find 6 rifles, 10 pistols, 62 xanax tablets and 17 oxy pills. He did not have a prescription for the tablets, 1 of the rifles was missing a serial number and 2 of the pistols were believed to be stolen.

Warlocks MC Books / Movies / TV

Warlocks Book – The Warlocks get a mention in the book Biker Gangs and Transnational Organized Crime” by Thomas Barker. Find out more about this book (link opens in a new window). The book also provides an insight into how many of the large outlaw motorcycle clubs operate.

Warlocks MC Book Biker Gangs and Transnational Organized Crim Thomas Barker
Warlocks MC Book Biker Gangs and Transnational Organized Crim Thomas Barker

Warlocks MC Enemies and Allies

Warlocks MC enemies:

Warlocks MC allies:

  • Philadelphia Crime Family

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