Devils Choice MC (Motorcycle Club)

Devils Choice MC is an outlaw motorcycle club founded in Denmark on 3 April, 2010. They are an official Hells Angels support club.

Devils Choice MC History

Devils Choice Motorcycle Club was officially founded on 3 April, 2010 when a number of well established chapters from clubs in Denmark decided to merge. Norway law enforcement estimated that the merged chapters consisted of approximately 130 patched members in total.

The chapters involved in the merger are as follows:

  • Black Lions MC Fortress Town (Prospect chapter)
  • Chieftains MC Borderland
  • Chieftains MC Seaside
  • Dirty Dogs MC Greve
  • Immortals MC Holstebro
  • Immortals MC Viborg
  • Hog Riders MC Amager
  • Hog Riders MC Westland
  • Notorious MC Haslev
  • Ravens MC Moorland (officially joined on 2 May 2010)
  • Tornadoes MC East
  • Tornadoes MC West
  • Vejgård MC

The club later expanded to Iceland, Norway, Spain and Sweden.

The Norway club was made up of a number of smaller chapters merging, in a similar fashion to what happened in Denmark. These clubs included:

  • Creeps MC Fredrikstad
  • Four Horsemen MC Kongsvinger
  • Hog Riders MC Bergen
  • Hog Riders MC Floro
  • Hog Rider MC London
  • Old Hoggs MC Moss
  • Reapers MC Aalesund
  • Stoker MC Ås
  • Twin Eagles MC Farsund
  • Wolverines MC Alta

Devils Choice Motorcycle Club are an official support club of the Hells Angels.

They refer to their clubhouses as the “Devils Place”.

Devils Choice MC Patch / Motto / Colors

The patch used by Devils Choice MC is a red color head of the Devil with horns and wings.

The Devils Choice colors are red and white, colors which they share in common with the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.

Devils Choice MC patch logo
Devils Choice MC patch logo

Devils Choice MC Chapters

The Devils Choice Motorcycle Club have their greatest number of chapters in Denmark after the merging of multiple clubs in 2010. They later expanded into Iceland, Norway, Spain and Sweden.

  • Devils Choice Denmark (based on the original merged club chapters)
    • Devils Choice Aalborg chapter
    • Devils Choice Aarhus chapter
    • Devils Choice Amager chapter
    • Devils Choice Borderland chapter
    • Devils Choice City Area chapter
    • Devils Choice East chapter
    • Devils Choice Fortress Town chapter
    • Devils Choice Haslev chapter
    • Devils Choice Holstebro chapter
    • Devils Choice Midland chapter
    • Devils Choice Moorland chapter
    • Devils Choice Odense chapter
    • Devils Choice Seaside chapter
    • Devils Choice Westland chapter
Devils Choice MC clubhouse Borderland Denmark
Devils Choice MC clubhouse Borderland Denmark
  • Devils Choice Iceland
  • Devils Choice Norway
    • Devils Choice Alta chapter
    • Devils Choice Aasgard chapter
    • Devils Choice Bergen chapter
    • Devils Choice Farsund chapter
    • Devils Choice Floro chapter
    • Devils Choice Kongsvinger chapter
    • Devils Choice Moss chapter
    • Devils Choice South East chapter
    • Devils Choice Stavanger chapter
    • Devils Choice West Coast chapter
  • Devils Choice Spain
    • Devils Choice Costa Luz chapter
    • Devils Choice Seville chapter
    • Devils Choice Southend chapter
  • Devils Choice Sweden
Devils Choice MC clubhouse Stavanger Norway
Devils Choice MC clubhouse Stavanger Norway

Famous Devils Choice MC Members

There are no famous members in Devils Choice MC in a celebrity sense.

Devils Choice MC Crime / In The Media

No crime information exists for the Devils Choice Motorcycle Club.

Devils Choice MC Books / Movies / TV

No books specifically written about Devils Choice MC are available for us to recommend.

Instead you may be interested in viewing our list of outlaw motorcycle club books.

Devils Choice MC Enemies and Allies

Devils Choice MC enemies:

  • Due to the club’s strong alliance with the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club they are also likely to share all of the same enemies, for example Bandidos MC and Outlaws MC.

Devils Choice MC allies:

  • Barbarian MC
  • Brotherhood MC
  • Fortress MC
  • Head Hunters MC
  • Hells Angels MC
  • Red Indians MC
  • Red Riders MC
  • Sultan Warriors MC
  • Viking Defence League

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