Diablos MC (Motorcycle Club)

Diablos MC is a one percenter motorcycle club founded in San Bernardino, California in 1961, with the East Coast chapters being founded by John J. “Jack” Baltas, Snr. Some refer to the club by the name Los Diablos Motorcycle Club, which is the naming used originally in California.

There are many other clubs worldwide who also use the name “Diablos Motorcycle Club”, but are unrelated to this particular club.

Diablos MC Patch Logo
Diablos MC Patch Logo

Diablos MC History

Diablos MC was founded in San Bernardino, California in 1961. This was the birth of the Diablos Motorcycle Club Berdoo chapter. Like other big motorcycle clubs they are riders mainly of Harley Davidson motorcycles.

The club expanded to the East Coast of the USA with John J. “Cadillac Jack” Baltas, Snr being the founder, opening up chapters in locations including Connecticut, Indiana, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont. This expansion to the Eastern states led to the “Coast to Coast” wording being added.

The motorcycle club are known to be a strict white-only motorcycle club, with no known current black or hispanic members.

On April 22, 2012, the Diablos Motorcycle Club National Leader, and founder of the club, Jack Baltas, died age 70. Only two days previous he had been released from prison after serving time for a drug trafficking conviction.

Diablos MC Clubhouse Meriden Connecticut USA
Diablos MC Clubhouse Meriden Connecticut USA

Diablos MC Patch / Motto

The Diablos MC patch consists of a depiction of Diablo (the Devil) wearing a hat on a red backgound.

The Diablos MC colors are red and black.

One of the Diablos MC Mottos is DFFD, which stands for “Diablos Forever, Forever Diablos”. This style of motto is used by most of the motorcycle clubs including the Hells Angels MC (AFFA) and Bandidos MC (BFFB).

Diablos MC Chapters

Although the club were founded in California, the majority of movement in the Diablos Motorcycle Club has been on the East Coast of the USA in more recent decades. In particular, Indiana and  Connecticut.

Chapters have existed in the following areas at one time or another:

  • Diablos Motorcycle Club California (Berdoo Founding Chapter / Diablos Motorcycle Club Mother Chapter)
  • Diablos Motorcycle Club Connecticut
  • Diablos Motorcycle Club Indiana
  • Diablos Motorcycle Club Maine
  • Diablos Motorcycle Club Massachusetts
  • Diablos Motorcycle Club New Hampshire
  • Diablos Motorcycle Club Vermont

Diablos MC Clubhouse Terre Haute Indiana USA

Diablos MC Clubhouse Terre Haute Indiana USA

Famous Diablos MC Members

John J. “Cadillac Jack” Baltas, Snr. (Born August 25 1941 – Died April 22 2012) – Diablos Motorcycle Club East Coast Founder / National President.

Diablos MC Jack Baltas Snr
Diablos MC Jack Baltas Snr

Jack Baltas founded the Diablos Motorcycle Club in 1961 in San Bernardino, California. Late in life he was convicted for drug trafficking charges and released in April, 2012. Two days after his release he died, age 70.

He was buried at Walnut Grove Cemetery in Meriden, Connecticut.

Diablos MC Jack Baltas Caddilac Jack Grave
Diablos MC Jack Baltas Caddilac Jack Grave

Diablos MC Crime / In The Media

1998 – September, 1998. Raymond “Stoney” Stone and seven other members of the Diablos Motorcycle Club were charged with multiple crimes. These included the Raymond Stone’s confession regarding involvement in the 1992 murder of Mike D’Amato, who was a member of the James Gang Motorcycle Club, from Connecticut. Raymond Stone received a 20 year prison term.

2005 – December, 2005. Diablos Motorcycle Club member Jerry Louis Fantauzzi is arrested after an extensive drug investigation into the motorcycle club. He is sentenced to 10 years in prison on drug dealing charges.

2006 – January, 2006. Diablos Motorcycle Club National Chapter Vice President, Keith Gallagher, is charged with cocaine trafficking offences.


Diablos MC Enemies and Allies

Diablos MC Allies:

Diablos MC Enemies:

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