Satan’s Sidekick MC (Motorcycle Club)

Satan’s Sidekick MC is an all black motorcycle club founded in Detroit, Michigan in the 1970s.

There is also a motorcycle club by the name of “Satan Sidekicks”, they have no relation to the outlaw motorcycle club discussed in this article.

Satans Sidekick MC Patch Logo
Satans Sidekick MC Patch Logo

Satan’s Sidekick MC History

Satan’s Sidekick Motorcycle Club was founded in Detroit, Michigan in the 1970s. The Mother Chapter is still based in Detroit (see photos below of the Detroit Chapter clubhouse).

They are an all black motorcycle club. There is no evidence that they are a one percenter motorcycle club, despite on other sites it being stated that they are a black one percenter club, although they have been connected with crimes on multiple occasions (see the Crime/In The Media section further below).

There was a Satan’s Sidekicks military squadron which served in the Korean war, however it is not known if this was the driver behind the name of the motorcycle club, or if any members from the military squadron were associated with the club.

Satans Sidekicks MC Clubhouse Detroit Michigan 1
Satans Sidekicks MC Clubhouse Detroit Michigan 1
Satans Sidekicks MC Clubhouse Detroit Michigan 2
Satans Sidekicks MC Clubhouse Detroit Michigan 2
Satans Sidekicks MC Clubhouse Detroit Michigan 3
Satans Sidekicks MC Clubhouse Detroit Michigan 3

Satan’s Sidekick MC Patch / Motto / Colors

The Satan’s Sidekick patch is of a cartoon style character performing a wheelie on a motorcycle.

Satan’s Sidekick MC Chapters

The Satan’s Sidekick Motorcycle Club have multiple chapters throughout the United States, with a focus around the Mid West. They do not have any chapters based internationally.

  • Satan’s Sidekick Cleveland, Ohio Chapter
  • Satan’s Sidekick Detroit, Michigan Chapter (Mother Chapter)
  • Satan’s Sidekick Louisville, Kentucky Chapter
Satans Sidekicks MC Clubhouse Cleveland Ohio
Satans Sidekicks MC Clubhouse Cleveland Ohio

Famous Satan’s Sidekick MC Members

Satan’s Sidekick Motorcycle Club do not have any famous members in a celebrity sense.

Satan’s Sidekick MC Crime / In The Media

1979 – 5 November, 1979. Satan’s Sidekicks President James “Pepper Red” Evans II is killed, along with 2 members of rival club USS Enterprises Motorcycle Club, Kenneth Allen Frezzell and Claude L “Mandinka” Ballard.James Evans was killed by a single shot to the forehead. The shooting occurred at the opening party for the USS Enterprises Motorcycle Club clubhouse on the west side of Detroit.

According to the USS Enterprises MC President James Williams, the motorcycle club, who are named after the Star Trek Enterprise spaceship, were collecting a $2.50 entry fee at the door of the clubhouse when the members of the Satan’s Sidekicks pushed in and refused to pay. After words were exchanged a Satan’s Sidekicks member pulled a gun and shot Claude Ballard in the head, killing him. After these first shots were fired several more guns were drawn and approximately 20 shots fired. Police seized 6 pistols.

1983 – 6 February, 1983. Satan’s Sidekick member Otis Charles Avery goes missing after attending a party held by a rival club. Police at the time believe that Keith Noland Williams, who was seen with Otis Avery, was connected, but had no proof. The case was then closed in 1986 due to insufficient evidence. In 1996 the police receive a tipoff that Keith Williams was in possession of remains of Otis Avery. They perform a maternal DNA test on the remains to prove that it was in fact Otis Avery, leading to the conviction of Keith Williams. 

2013 – 8 September, 2013. Phantom Outlaw MC National President Antonio Johnson, who is also connected to the Vice Lords street gang in Michigan in the role of “Three-Star General”, orders members of Phantom Motorcycle Club including Christopher Odum to rob members of the Satan’s Sidekicks. During the robbery one of the Phantom members, Bryan Sorrell shot a Satan’s Sidekick member in the face. Days after this event Christopher Odum assaulted a Satan’s Sidekick Prospect during a second attempted robbery at a gas station.

2014 – A shooting occurs outside the Satan’s Sidekicks clubhouse on Magazine Street in Louisville, Kentucky.Wendell Ortiz, aged 52 is killed and another man is injured. Their connection to the club, and the reason behind the shooting, is unknown.

Satan’s Sidekick MC Books / Movies / TV

There are no Satan’s Sidekick books or other media found.

Satan’s Sidekick MC Enemies and Allies

Satan’s Sidekicks MC enemies:

Satan’s Sidekicks MC allies:

  • To be confirmed.

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