Fates Assembly MC (Motorcycle Club)

Fates Assembly MC is an outlaw motorcycle club founded in Anne Arundel County, Maryland in 1974.

The club are no longer in existence, with most chapters being patched over by the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and at least one chapter patching over to the Outlaws MC.

Fates Assembly MC History

The Fates Assembly Motorcycle Club was founded in the Brooklyn Park area of Anne Arundel County, Maryland in 1974.

Along with the Pagans they were a dominant club in the Washington area from the 1970s through to the 1990s.

The middle of 1991 saw a war break out between Fates Assembly and the Pagans Motorcycle Club. See the Crime / In The Media section further down in this article for more information.

Many of the chapters patched over to the Hells Angels MC in the mid 2000s, with at least one other patching over to the Outlaws MC.

Fates Assembly MC Patch / Motto / Colors

The Fates Assembly Motorcycle Club patch shows the Grim Reaper riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle. The Fates Assembly wear their patches on a denim vest, similar to what can be seen by the Pagans MC.

After years of unsuccessfully searching for an image of the Fates Assembly patch we had a photo submitted to us on our Facebook page. Thank you very much to that person, this is another piece of outlaw club history that we have now put together.

Fates Assembly MC Patch Logo-2
Fates Assembly MC Patch Logo

Fates Assembly MC Chapters

The Fates Assembly Motorcycle Club had multiple chapters around the mid atlantic region of the United States. They are not believed to have any chapters based internationally.

Some of their chapters included the following:

  • Fates Assembly Baltimore chapter, Maryland
  • Fates Assembly Northern Virginia chapter (based in Woodbridge, Prince William County, Virginia)
  • Fates Assembly South Carolina chapter
  • Fates Assembly Southern Virginia chapter (based in Fredericksburg, Virginia)

Famous Fates Assembly MC Members

There are no famous members in Fates Assembly MC in a celebrity sense.

Some notable members include:

  • Ronald Allyn Fiel – National President until June 1991. Ronald Field was sentenced to 96 months prison for his involvement in the planned attacks on the Pagans MC throughout 1991.
  • John H Lea Jnr. – Southern Virginia chapter President. John Lea Jnr was sentenced to 84 months prison for his involvement in the planned attacks on the Pagans MC throughout 1991.
  • Michael W O’Bier – South Virginia chapter Vice President. Michael O’Bier was sentenced to 60 months prison for his involvement in the planned attacks on the Pagans MC throughout 1991.

Fates Assembly MC Crime / In The Media

1989 – 8 March, 1989. Sandra Ferguson, age 45, a community worker and musician leaves the home of her pastor at around 11pm. Her body is found later in the night at the parking lot of the St. James Episcopal Church, less than half a mile from her home in Millburn Court, located in Mount Vernon in the Fairfax County area. She had been shot six times, including once in the head. Fates Assembly member Gary “Red Neck” Donahue, age 36, who worked as a truck driver and wore a Harley Davidson tattoo on his right arm, is later charged with the murder. The events of the evening are unclear, however as the car of Gary Donahue was found crashed into a fence nearby, one possibly course of events is that Sandra Ferguson had stopped to assist Gary Donahue after noticing the crashed vehicle.

1991 – 28 May, 1991. There is a fight outside a bar in Baltimore between Fates Assembly and the Pagans MC. One member of the Pagans, Mike Massaro, is killed and two members of Fates Assembly are injured.

1991 – 26 July, 1991. Members of Fates Assembly Motorcycle Club are waiting for the Pagans Motorcycle Club at the Woodbridge Inn in Woodbridge, Virginia, where the Pagans were expected to be attending a party. Upon noticing Pagans member Kirby Gallaghan entering the carpark in his truck Fates Assembly members Richard “Wolf” Capote and Melvin Payne begin following him in a van. The two men shoot into the van driven by Kirby Gallaghan, however miss. Kirby Gallaghan returns returns fire, hitting Richard Capote in the head, killing him. The funeral for Richard Capote is held on 27 July, 1991 and shortly after war is declared on the Pagans.

1991 – August, 1991. Fates Assembly members throw a hand grenade into the house of Pagans MC member Kirby Gallaghan (the shooter on 26 July), however the grenade does not explode.

1991 – August, 1991. Members of Fates Assembly plan multiple ambushes on Pagans members armed with pipe bombs and rifles, however the ambushes are unsuccessful.

1991 – 12 September, 1991. A remote control bomb is constructed by Fates Assembly. The bomb is placed on a vehicle driven by members of the Pagans and explodes. Nobody is seriously harmed, although the explosion causes damage to the vehicle including blowing off a wheel and the gas tank.

1991 – 4 October, 1991. A bomb is constructed and Fates Assembly members George “Pit Bull” Hughes, Robert Paris and Melvin Payne drive to the house of Kirby Gallaghan (the shooter on 26 July) and attach it to a vehicle owned by a roommate. The vehicle is driven to Kirby Gallaghan’s workplace in an industrial complex in Fairfax County, however fails to explode. The Fates Assembly members retrieve the unexploded bomb and decide to attempt the attack again. Later they return and attempt to reattach the bomb, however it explodes, killing Fates Assembly member George Hughes and injuring Robert Paris and Melvin Payne.

1991 – December, 1991. Fates Assembly member Philip MacFarland turns law enforcement witness and provides information to law enforcement about the 4 October bombing. Over the following year Philip MacFarland assists law enforcement by capturing recordings of conversations with other members who at one point appear to be conspiring to murder Kimberly Clifton, the wife of Fates Assembly member Lee Clifton who had gone missing in March 1992 after believed to have been assisting law enforcement.

Fates Assembly MC Books / Movies / TV

No books specifically written about Fates Assembly MC are available for us to recommend.

Instead you may be interested in viewing our list of outlaw motorcycle club books.

Fates Assembly are mentioned briefly in the below general books on outlaw motorcycle clubs.

Biker Gangs and Organized Crime by Thomas Barker. View this book on Amazon (link opens in a new window).

MC Biker Gangs and Organized Crime Thomas Barker Florida
Biker Gangs and Organized Crime Thomas Barker

Fates Assembly MC Enemies and Allies

Fates Assembly MC enemies:

Fates Assembly MC allies:

  • To be confirmed.

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