Wino’s Crew MC (Motorcycle Club)

Wino’s Crew MC is an outlaw motorcycle club founded in Fort Worth, Texas in 1996. The founding members were former members of the Boozefighters Motorcycle Club, who left the Boozefighters due to internal disputes.

The name “Wino’s Crew” links directly back to the Boozefighters Motorcycle Club founder, “Wino” Willie Forkner, who by this time had fallen out with the Boozefighters and had stood down from his role as Boozefighters President in 1993.

Wino’s Crew MC History

Boozefighters MC National President Gary “Batman” Rye had been working on a plan for the Fort Worth chapter to purchase their clubhouse, as they had put significant work into it. Gary “Batman” Rye together with Doug Baron held the trademark for the Boozefighters name and logo.

At the end of 1995 Gary Rye died and the National chapter of the Boozefighters decided to aim to incorporate some parts of the club, with a plan to sell stock. This was a plan that Boozefighters Founder, Wino Willie Forkner, as well as key members within the Fort Worth chapter, was against. Wino Willie Forkner no longer had a say within the Boozefighters.

A meeting was held in Mississippi where a vote was put to the chapters. The plan to incorporate was voted in.

In 1996 five members were expelled from the Fort Worth chapter (Chapter 69) of the Boozefighters Motorcycle Club. It had been alleged that they had been taking drugs, however they were not presented with an opportunity to clear their name before being thrown out of the club.

Many other members within the Boozefighters MC Fort Worth chapter were watching these events take place and decided that they would walk too, the result was 25 members leaving the Fort Worth chapter.

Together they formed Wino’s Crew Motorcycle Club in 1996 and moved to a new clubhouse with the blessing of Wino Willie Forkner.

Famous” Harry would become the President within the club, he passed away in 2002. Byron “Scooter” Lawing was the Vice President, who passed away on 2 September, 2004 only weeks after suffering a stroke. ”

Boozefighters MC Wino Willie Forkner
Boozefighters MC Wino Willie Forkner

Wino’s Crew MC Patch / Motto / Colors

The Wino’s Crew is focussed on an evil clown.

The colors used by the club are Green and White. These are the same colors used by the Boozefighters Motorcycle Club.

Wino's Crew MC patch logo
Wino’s Crew MC patch logo

Wino’s Crew MC Chapters

Within the USA Wino’s Crew have chapters in Texas and California.

  • Wino’s Crew USA
    • Wino’s Crew Fort Worth chapter (Mother Chapter), Texas
    • Wino’s Crew Grass Valley chapter, California
    • Wino’s Crew Mansfield chapter, Texas
    • Wino’s Crew Seagoville chapter, Texas
    • Wino’s Crew Wise County chapter, Texas
Winos Crew MC clubhouse Fort Worth Texas
Winos Crew MC clubhouse Fort Worth Texas

Outside of the United States there are chapters in Norway and England. In earlier years there was also a Wino’s Crew presence in Germany.

  • Wino’s Crew England
    • Wino’s Crew Wiltshire chapter
  • Wino’s Crew Norway
    • Wino’s Crew Hadeland chapter
    • Wino’s Crew Hallingdal chapter
    • Wino’s Crew Kristiansand chapter
    • Wino’s Crew Oslo chapter
    • Wino’s Crew Valdres chapter

Famous Wino’s Crew MC Members

There are no famous members in the Wino’s Crew Motorcycle Club in a celebrity sense.

Some of the notable people associated with the founding of the club are Wino Willie Forkner (who founded the Boozefighters), the club’s first President, “Famous” Harry and the club’s first Vice President, Byron “Scooter” Lawing.

Wino's Crew President Byron Scooter Lawing
Wino’s Crew President Byron Scooter Lawing

Wino’s Crew MC Crime / In The Media

2014 – 5 July, 2014. Wino’s Crew member Kelly Eugene Rivas is arrested for possessing a concealed weapon (a knife) after a small clash with Boozefighters MC members outside Johnny’s Bar & Grill. The clubs were in town for the Hollister Rally.

2014 – 6 July, 2014. 3 members of the Boozefighters are shot after a clash with members of Wino’s Crew at a gas station at 631 San Felipe Road while attending the Hollister Rally. A fourth member of the Boozefighters, Michael Richard Kich, fired at Wino’s Crew members and was arrested by police on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. Lamar Guy Jones Copeland, believed to be a member of Wino’s Crew based in California, is also later arrested.

Wino’s Crew MC Books / Movies / TV

No books specifically written about Wino’s Crew MC are available for us to recommend.

Instead you may be interested in viewing our list of outlaw motorcycle club books.

Wino’s Crew MC Enemies and Allies

Wino’s Crew MC enemies:

Wino’s Crew MC allies:

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