Laffing Devils MC (Motorcycle Club)

Laffing Devils MC are an outlaw motorcycle club from San Diego, California formed around 2006. They are known for their involvement in the television show The Devils Ride.

Laffing Devils Motorcycle Club History

The Laffing Devils MC were formed in San Diego, California around 2006.

To the best of our knowledge the club fell apart and disbanded sometime during the first season of The Devils Ride television show, which would be around 2012. The club continued on in name as an act of fiction appearing in the show, making them both a “real” and a “fictitious” outlaw motorcycle club and therefore quite difficult to accurately describe as the lines between what is fact and what is fiction are heavily blurred.

In a twist though, there are reports of a chapter of the Laffing Devils being active in Mexico as late as 2016, wearing the same style of patches seen on the San Diego based club, so possibly the club has been resurrected.

The Laffing Devils are best known for their appearance on the television show The Devils Ride. The show was promoted as being about a “real club”, there was no indication that this was a fictionalised program based on the outlaw motorcycle club culture.

Before the filming of the show the club existed in the form of a three piece “motorcycle club”. After being contracted to the show the members followed a script for the “reality” series, essentially making the club members now actors, or cast members. It is rumoured that many of the original Laffing Devils members chose not to participate in the entertainment project and left the club before filming commenced. Furthermore, it is highly likely that some of those shown in the television show are professional actors and played no part in the club before the filming began.

The Laffing Devils were a part of the local Confederation of Clubs, however after the airing of the television show they were removed in 2012.

Unlike the popular television show Sons of Anarchy, the show The Devils Ride was shot in a reality/documentary style format and promised viewers a look inside a rising, real, outlaw club. What is often seen can be described by many as simply “fake”.

Firstly you should view the trailer for the show:

The “official” website of the club ( was first registered in mid-2008, however was taken down around 2014, only two years after the television show was first broadcast. Around this same time a notice was placed on their website listing that the site was for sale and that the club were seeking investors. Some speculate that this site was not endorsed by the club and was created speculatively for profit.

One of the executive producers for the show is Eric Bischoff, an American entrepreneur best known for his involvement in the professional wrestling arena, with work with both the WCW and WWE. It is these wrestling connections which help to explain some of the marketing around the show and the Laffing Devils, for instance the daughter of Hulk Hogan posting on the Twitter feed of the Laffing Devils member known as Sandman. Also adding to the confusion/illusion were those known for having outlaw connections making an appearance in the show, for example former Hells Angel Rusty Coones, who had also been seen in Sons of Anarchy.

Sinister Mob Syndicate MC are the noted rival of the Laffing Devils MC. “Sinister Mob Syndicate MC” is a listed trademark of Bischoff Hervey Entertainment Television, LLC.

Laffing Devils MC Sandman Brook Hogan Twitter
Laffing Devils MC Sandman Brook Hogan Twitter

Laffing Devils Motorcycle Club Patch / Motto / Colors

The patch used by the Laffing Devils is of a horned Devil’s head. This patch is eerily similar to the patch used by the Hells Angels support club, the Red Devils MC.

Laffing Devils MC patch logo
Laffing Devils MC patch logo

Laffing Devils Motorcycle Club Chapters

Further evidence that the Laffing Devils and the show is highly scripted can be seen from the location of the Laffing Devils clubhouse, which is field as being located at this building on Greenfield Drive in El Cajon, California.

Laffing Devils MC clubhouse Greenfield Drive El Cajon
Laffing Devils MC clubhouse Greenfield Drive El Cajon

The Laffing Devils rival club, Sinister Mob Syndicate MC, has the filming location of their clubhouse located in an auto repair building only the next block over on Greenfield Drive.

Laffing Devils MC Sinister Mob clubhouse Greenfield Drive El Cajon
Laffing Devils MC Sinister Mob clubhouse Greenfield Drive El Cajon

To make this point even more clear, here are the two locations on a map.

Laffing Devils MC clubhouse Greenfield Drive El Cajon Map
Laffing Devils MC clubhouse Greenfield Drive El Cajon Map

Famous Laffing Devils MC Members

Many members of the club have reached at least a low level of fame for their involvement in the television show The Devils Ride.

Thomas Quinn (Gipsy) – Founder of the Laffing Devils MC. A former marine, part-time bounty hunter and is allegedly married to a San Diego police officer. Left the club to form the fictitious Sinister Mob Syndicate MC in the television show The Devils Ride. Arrested in August 2012 on suspicion of committing a lewd act with an underage female relative (see the Crime / In The Media section below for more information).

Also appearing on the television show from the Laffing Devils club:

  • Bonez
  • Danny Boy – Prez
  • MadMax – VP
  • Sancho
  • Sandman
  • Slider – Tres
  • Spyder
  • White Boi

Laffing Devils MC Crime / In The Media

2012 – 14 May, 2012. Peckerwoods MC member Deron Jaffe is charged with four felony counts and five gang enhancements after a fight against two members of the Laffing Devils MC and an associate. The members of the Laffing Devils are not charged.

2012 – 30 August, 2012. Laffing Devils Founder Thomas Quinn (Tommy/Gipsy) is arrested by police in La Mesa on suspicion of committing a lewd act with an underage female relative, believed to be his step-daughter. This story was reported by multiple reputable news agencies. The charges against Quinn were later dropped.

There are many crimes depicted in The Devils Ride which were performed by members of the Laffing Devils, from theft to numerous cases of assault, however these appear to largely go unpunished despite being captured on camera in high definition video. With the exception of Thomas Quinn’s arrest in August 2010, throughout the period when the show was running there were several news stories involving members of the club, for instance the member known as “Sandman” being arrested for a stabbing, which although were published by “entertainment” websites such as TMZ and E! News, were not mentioned by any credible news or legal sources that could be found. It is largely possible that these were just clever marketing stunts.

Below is a fight scene between the Laffing Devils MC and a rival club, the Sinister Mob Syndicate. The fight is broken up when the police arrive in a “questionable” looking police car. It is such a blessing that such sharp video, crisp audio and multiple camera angles were available for this moment of “reality”:

Laffing Devils Motorcycle Club Enemies and Allies

Laffing Devils Motorcycle Club allies:

  • To be confirmed

Laffing Devils Motorcycle Club enemies:

  • Sinister Mob Syndicate MC (a club of fiction, created up for the television show The Devils Ride)

Laffing Devils MC Books / Movies / TV

There are no books that we are aware of that are specifically written about the Laffing Devils Motorcycle Club, nor are they mentioned in any books that could be found.

The Devils Ride – Season 1. The television show that made the Laffing Devils Motorcycle Club “famous”. Find out more on Amazon (link opens in a new tab).

Laffing Devils MC The Devils Ride Season 1 DVD
Laffing Devils MC The Devils Ride Season 1 DVD

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