Zulus MC (Motorcycle Club)

Zulus MC

The Zulus Motorcycle Club is a club for one percenter motorcycle enthusiasts. The club has a history of almost 50 years and is known for being one of the first black one percenter motorcycle clubs.

Well known black one percenter clubs include the Chosen Few MC and the Wheels of Soul MC, who are mixed-race, but mainly black.

It is worth mentioning that although they are often listed as a one percenter black motorcycle club, they claim themselves that they are in fact not a 1%er motorcycle club and include a diverse range of members including those from law enforcement, white and blue collar jobs and everything else. The only main requirement is that you are of African descent.

The club has a large number of social events, and unlike many other clubs there are many of these events which are advertised on their social media accounts.

Zulus Motorcycle Club Logo
Zulus Motorcycle Club Logo

Zulus Motorcycle Club History

The Zulus Motorcycle Club were founded in 1969. They had a different purpose to many other clubs of the time, in that they wanted to be based around black men, where almost all other clubs had been made up of only white men, even if unintentionally. Being a black 1 percenter motorcycle club even to this day makes them very unique.

There were 12 founding members of the Zulus Motorcycle Club who came from Akron and Cleveland in the Mid West.

Zulus MC clubhouse Columbus Ohio
Zulus MC clubhouse Columbus Ohio

Zulus Motorcycle Club Name

Anecdotes say that the Zulus Motorcycle Club name came after some of the founding members traveled to Africa to meet with Zulu tribesmen. They wanted to learn the how these people operated and bring back these traits to the USA and more specifically bring these back to the new club.

The Zulus Motorcycle Club founders and the African Zulu tribesmen were able to gain a connection as they needed to overcome similar issues related to racial tension including segregation.

Founding members of the motorcycle club then asked the permission of the Zulu tribesmen to use this name.

Zulus Motorcycle Club Patch Akron
Zulus Motorcycle Club Patch Akron

Zulus Motorcycle Club Founding Members

According to the official website of Zulus MC, the below members founded the motorcycle club in the late 1960’s.

  • Rufus Woodall
  • Elwin Townsend
  • Robert C. Banks
  • Walter Walker
  • Raymond Editha
  • Milton Taly
  • Keneth Bell
  • Melvin Banks
  • Ray Kelly
  • John Vargas
  • Willie Manley
  • Thomas Arstine

Zulus Motorcycle Club Chapters

There are currently approximately 12 chapters of Zulus Motorcycle Club within the USA. These are spread over multiple states and focus on the Mid West.

  • Zulus Akron, Ohio
  • Zulus Buffalo, Ohio
  • Zulus Cleveland, Ohio
  • Zulus Columbus, Ohio
  • Zulus East Cleveland, Ohio
Zulus Motorcycle Club Clubhouse Cleveland
Zulus Motorcycle Club Clubhouse Cleveland

Zulus Motorcycle Club National Presidents

  • Rufus Woodall – 1st Zulus MC National President (was also a founding member)
  • Robert Banks – 2nd Zulus MC National President (was also a founding member)
  • Wolverine – 3rd Zulus MC National President

Zulus Motorcycle Club Members Bikes

Traditionally in one percenter motorcycle clubs you see only Harley Davidson motorcycles, or at the very least it is somewhat mandatory that the motorcycle has been made in America and definitely is not produced in Asia.

The Zulus Motorcycle Club is not as forceful in these requirements. While most members of Zulus MC do in fact ride Harley Davidson motorcycles, it is common to see a variety of other makes including Honda and Yamaha motorcycles riding with their pack. The club states that the most important aspect when it comes to motorcycles is that you share a love of riding and ride often.

Zulus Motorcycle Club Crimes

2012 – 27 October, 2012. A fight breaks out at the Toros MC clubhouse between members of Phantom Outlaw MC and Zulus MC. Phantom member William “Daytona” Frazier shoots two men.

Zulus Motorcycle Club In The Media & Books

YouTube – Dancing at a Zulus MC party

Zulus MC Enemies and Allies

Zulus MC enemies:

Zulus MC allies:

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