Rusty Coones Hells Angels

Rusty Coones Hells Angels

Rusty Coones is an actor on the tv show Sons of Anarchy, musician, custom motorcycle builder and a member of the Hells Angels MC.

Rusty Coones Hells Angels – Early Life / Personal Life

Born Howard Irvine Coones, but better known to almost all as “Rusty”, he grew up in the Sacramento area of California. At 6 foot 5 inches he makes for an imposing figure.

In the 1980s his brother, a heroin addict, died. In response he opened First Step Treatment Centers Inc., rehabilitation centers which were based in Laguna Beach, California and Fontana, California. The business closed down in 1995 after a change to government subsidies.

He met his wife, Katherine Coones, in the second half of the 1980s. He has a son and daughter.

His friends include celebrity bike builder Jesse James.

In mid 2015 it was announced that he would take part in a television series with Orange County Choppers, named OCC American Xtreme. This was later renamed to Orange County Choppers: American Made.

Rusty Coones Hells Angels
Rusty Coones Hells Angels

Rusty Coones Hells Angels – Club Involvement

Founder and former President of the Hells Angels Orange County chapter in 1997. He is no longer a member of this chapter.

President of the Hells Angels San Fernando Valley chapter.

Hells Angels Patches - Death Head Logo

Rusty Coones Hells Angels – Sons of Anarchy

In the television show Sons of Anarchy Rusty Coones plays the character of Rane Quinn. He met the shows creator, Kurt Sutter, on a Hells Angels MC toy run in the San Fernando Valley.

Rane Quinn is the President of the Nomads chapter and in season 2 brings in “Happy Lowman” to the chapter, who is played by Hells Angels member David Labrava. Happy later leaves the Nomads chapter in season 3.

In season 5 the Nomads chapter disbands after multiple members are revealed as traitors, leaving him to transfer to the Sons of Anarchy Indian Hills chapter.

Season 6 sees Rane Quinn transfer to the main chapter that is focussed on in the show, SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Originals).

His character commits three murders in the show. Firstly the True IRA (True Irish Republication Army) member Neil, who he shot in the head. The second murder is of an East Dub member who he shot and the third a member of the Lin Triad, who he shot in the chest.

Also appearing at times on the show are Hells Angels members David LabravaChuck Zito and Sonny Barger (who played Lenny the Pimp).

David Labrava Hells Angels Sons of Anarchy
David Labrava Hells Angels Sons of Anarchy

Rusty Coones Hells Angels – Illusion Motorsports

He is the owner of custom motorcycle builder Illusion Motorsports, together with Rodrigo Requejo. He purchased the business in 1998 and they are located in Westminster, California.

His customers include the creator of Sons of Anarchy, Kurt Sutter.

Rusty Coones Hells Angels Illusion Motorsports
Illusion Motorsports

Rusty Coones Hells Angels – Music (Attika 7)

While in prison he played the guitar and took to writing lyrics.

He is the lead guitarist of the heavy metal band Attika 7. The other members of Attika 7 are Evan Seinfeld (Vocals), Tommy Holt (Drums), Zach Broderick (Bass) and Ira Black (Guitar).

Their music has been played on the television show Sons of Anarchy.

See Attika 7’s music on Amazon (link opens in a new tab).

Rusty Coones Hells Angels Attika 7 Blood Of My Enemies
Attika 7 – Blood Of My Enemies

Rusty Coones Hells Angels – Crime

1982 – Found guilty of drug and illegal firearm charges. Sent to prison and served two years.

1991 – House raided by law enforcement on the belief that he had a significant amount of drugs and weapons. Nothing was found in the raid.

1999 – 6 June, 1999. One of 15 people arrested as part of a large drug operation against the Hells Angels where it was claimed that they were making over $1 million per week under the control of drug kingpin John Ward. Pled guilty with no defence to a single count of conspiracy for providing just over 100 pounds of ephedrine, which is a key ingredient for making methamphetamine. He is sentenced to 8 years and one month in prison.

During his time in prison a “Free Rusty” movement begins, which included setting up the website (which no longer exists) which sold t-shirts in order to support his defence fund. Celebrity bike builder and friend Jesse James was seen wearing a Free Rusty t-shirt on multiple occasions.

Rusty Coones Hells Angels Free Rusty
Free Rusty

2004 – 27 December, 2004. He is released from prison. Waiting for him upon his release is a gift from bike builder Jesse James, a custom bike.

2014 – 25 April, 2014. Rusty Coones is running a t-shirt stall at the Laughlin River Run Rally in Nevada. There was a member of the Vagos Motorcycle Club running a stall next to his. Although there were no signs of any trouble between the two stalls police had concerns that violence could escalate, so shut them both down. On a historical note, one of the suspected motives of the 2002 Laughlin River Run Riot was a dispute over t-shirt sales between the Hells Angels MC and Vagos MC.

Rusty Coones Hells Angels – Media

DVD – Sons of Anarchy The complete boxed set.

The show follows the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, of which Rusty Coones plays the character “Rane Quinn”, who is a member of the SAMCRO chapter and formerly a member of the Indian Hills chapter and the former President of the Nomad chapter. This is the complete box set and contains 30 discs. Find out more on Amazon (link opens in a new tab).

Rusty Coones Hells Angels Sons of Anarchy Complete Set DVD
Rusty Coones Hells Angels Sons of Anarchy Complete Set DVD

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