Head Hunters MC (Motorcycle Club)

Head Hunters MC are a one percenter motorcycle club founded in East Auckland, New Zealand in 1967.

Head Hunters MC Patch
Head Hunters MC Patch

Head Hunters MC History

The Head Hunters Motorcycle Club were founded in the suburb of Glen Innes, located in East Auckland, New Zealand in 1967.

Originally the Head Hunters started out life a street gang, with members being of several different ethnicities and are believed to have transitioned into a motorcycle club in 1970.

In 1978 the street gang started a chapter in West Auckland.

In 1985 the street gang evolved into the Head Hunters Motorcycle Club, displaying their love of riding Harley Davidson motorcycles. It was also in 1985 that David Smith took over as Head Hunters Motorcycle Club President after Wayne Doyle is sent to prison for murder.

In 1995 the East Auckland chapter is opened by Wayne Doyle after his release from prison. David Smith remains as Head Hunters President.

In 1996 the Head Hunters Motorcycle Club became an incorporated society.

In September 2012 the motorcycle club opened a chapter based in Mt Wellington. This Head Hunters Motorcycle Club Wellington building contains fighting facilities and the club have named it “Fight Club 88”.

Head Hunters MC Clubhouse Mt Wellington Fight Club 88
Head Hunters MC Clubhouse Mt Wellington Fight Club 88

As of 2013 the Head Hunters Motorcycle Club were believed to have approximately 110 members in prison.

Head Hunters MC Patch / Motto / Colors

The Head Hunters Motorcycle Club patch has evolved over the years. The most recent logo can be seen at the top of this article, which consists of a skull/devil with horns and red flames.

Older patches can be seen below, where originally there were no flames on a skull, then progressing to a skull with flames.

Head Hunters MC Patch Original
Head Hunters MC Patch Original
Head Hunters MC Patch Old
Head Hunters MC Patch Old

One of the well used Head Hunters abbreviations is 88, which relates to the 8th letter of the alphabet “H”, therefore referring to “HH” or “Head Hunters”.

Head Hunters MC Chapters

Head Hunter Motorcycle Club has chapters spread over the North Island of New Zealand.

At this time they do not have any chapters on the South Island of New Zealand, or any international chapters.

  • Head Hunters East Auckland
  • Head Hunters West Auckland (clubhouse based in Henderson)
  • Head Hunters Northland
  • Head Hunters Wellsford

Famous Head Hunters MC Members

While there are no Head Hunters Motorcycle Club famous members, there are some who are better known by the media.

Wayne Doyle – President.

Wayne Doyle was the President of the Head Hunters for several years up until 1985 when he was sent to prison for murder. See the “Crime / In The Media” section for further information. On his release from prison in 1995 he launched the East Auckland chapter.

David Smith – President.

David Smith was the Head Hunters President from 1985 after Wayne Doyle went to prison, and a member of the motorcycle club for a total of approximately 30 years. He stepped down from the role of President in July 2010. Dave Smith died in 2010, aged 53, after suffering for many years from a stroke.

David James Dunn – President.

David James Dunn has been the Head Hunters President since July 2010, after David Smith stepped down from the role after suffering from a stroke.

Head Hunters MC Crime / In The Media

1978 – Head Hunters President Wayne Doyle charged with wounding with intent.

1978 – Head Hunter Graham Te Awa convicted of rape, wounding with intent.

1978 – Head Hunter Dave Smith convicted of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

1983 – Head Hunters acquitted of abduction, rape, sodomy of a 17-year-old girl.

1983 – August, 1983. Head Hunters members Dave Smith and Jason Ruka are charged with murdering Highway 61 Motorcycle Club member Steven Bliss. Charges are later dropped after witnesses withdrew statements.

1984 – Head Hunter acquitted of rape, assault and abduction of a 16-year-old girl.

1985 – 83 sachets of heroin found concealed in ceiling of Head Hunters clubhouse.

1985 – Head Hunters President Wayne Doyle and member Graham “Choc” Te Awa murder King Cobras street gang member Siaosi Evalu in the suburb of Ponsonby, Auckland.

1990 – Head Hunters kidnap a man at gunpoint, torture him with pliers and an electric drill. William Hines, David O’Carroll and two club associates convicted.

1990 – Head Hunter Ian McCluskie jailed on LSD charges.

1991 – Head Hunters prospect acquitted of raping woman at gang headquarters.

1992 – Three Head Hunters convicted of raping a woman at a clubhouse, two convicted of bribing a witness.

1992 – Head Hunter prospect Andrew Maaka reported missing. Last seen at clubhouse. Police believe he was murdered.

1995 – William Hines, David O’Carroll and a third Head Hunter confront, interrogate and threaten an undercover policeman with a knife.

2000 – 7 members of the Head Hunters arrive at the home of Peter Vitali, a well known crime-figure and former member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and begin connecting his boat to his Ford Mustang. Peter Vitali rams the men with his four wheel drive, in the process causing a .45 calibre pistol to come loose. He then uses the gun to shoot Head Hunters member Graham “Choc” Te Awa. Peter Vitali was later sentenced to 2 years jail.

2001 – Meth ring involving Head Hunters William Hines and David Dunn, King Cobra associate Fa’afete Taito, and career criminal and former bankrobber Waha Safiti is identified by police and charges laid.

2002 – Head Hunters-run methamphetamine operation identified by police. David O’Carroll and two other patched members arrested along with meth cooks Tony Jacomb, Michael Cavanagh and Ian Clegg.

2003 – August, 2003. Two high school ball after-parties for Epsom Girls’ Grammar and Westlake Girls High were planned to be conducted at the Head Hunters Ellerslie clubhouse. Once Police found out they contacted the Head Hunters and advised that the location would be raided to identify alcohol licensing infractions if these proceeded. The events were cancelled.

2011 – March, 2011. 7 high ranking Head Hunters Motorcycle Club members are charged with being members of a criminal organisation, as well as being charged with being in possession of more than 1kg (2.2 pounds) of meth which was discovered as part of a clubhouse raid by police.

2012 – May, 2012. Many of the March 2011 charges against high ranking club members are dropped.

2013 – June, 2013. Police raid 32 properties in the suburbs of Wellington, Hutt Valley, Wairarapa and Kapiti and arrest 30 people, including at least 2 members of the Head Hunters Motorcycle Club. These raids uncovered a P lab (a meth lab, but often referred to as “P” in New Zealand), more than $60,000 in cash, a handgun, methamphetamine, cannabis, ecstasy, LSD and GBL. 10 children, of school age or under, were also found in the drug manufacturing facilities.

Head Hunters MC Enemies and Allies

Head Hunters allies:

Head Hunter enemies:

  • King Cobras (street gang) former enemies.

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