Sons Of Silence MC (Motorcycle Club)

Sons Of Silence MC is a one percenter motorcycle club founded in Niwot, Colorado in 1966.

Sons of Silence MC Patch Logo
Sons of Silence MC Patch Logo

Sons Of Silence MC History

Sons Of Silence Motorcycle Club was founded in Niwot, Colorado in 1966. The club was founded by Bruce Richardson.

Leonard Loyd Reed, known as JR, became the club’s President in the late 1970s and held this role for over 20 years.

In 1998 the club expanded into Germany, opening a chapter in Munich. In 2001 they began opening more chapters in Germany.

Sons Of Silence MC Patch / Motto / Colors

The Sons of Silence patch is made up of an American Eagle on top of the letter A. The logo is believed to be based upon the Anheuser-Busch brewery logo.

Sons of Silence MC - The Anheuser-Busch logo
Sons of Silence MC – The Anheuser-Busch logo

Sons Of Silence MC Chapters

The Sons of Silence Motorcycle Club have chapters in over a dozen states in the USA. In 1998 the outlaw club expanded their operations to Germany.

  • Sons of Silence United States Chapters
    • Sons of Silence Arkansas Chapter
    • Sons of Silence Colorado Chapter
    • Sons of Silence Denver Chapter
    • Sons of Silence Florida Chapter
    • Sons of Silence Illinois Chapter
    • Sons of Silence Indianapolis, Indiana Chapter
    • Sons of Silence Kansas Chapter
    • Sons of Silence Kentucky Chapter
    • Sons of Silence Louisiana Chapter
    • Sons of Silence Minnesota Chapter
    • Sons of Silence Mississippi Chapter
    • Sons of Silence Missouri Chapter
    • Sons of Silence North Dakota Chapter
    • Sons of Silence South Dakota Chapter
    • Sons of Silence Tennessee Chapter
    • Sons of Silence Utah Chapter
    • Sons of Silence Wyoming Chapter
  • Sons of Silence Nomads Chapter
  • Sons of Silence Germany Chapters
    • Sons of Silence Erding Chapter
    • Sons of Silence Freising Chapter
    • Sons of Silence Gangkofen Chapter
    • Sons of Silence Munich Chapter
    • Sons of Silence Nuremberg Chapter
    • Sons of Silence Viernheim Chapter
Sons of Silence MC Clubhouse Indianapolis Indiana
Sons of Silence MC Clubhouse Indianapolis Indiana

Famous Sons Of Silence MC Members

Bruce G. Richardson – Founder / President

Bruce Richardson was the founder of the Sons of Silence Motorcycle Club. He was born on 22 August, 1939 and went by the nickname of “The Dude”.

In 1984 he was convicted and sentenced to 6 years in prison for his involvement in the abduction of a Doctor to was believed to owe money to his wife. Read more about this in the “Crime” section further down in this article.

He died in his sleep in Wyoming on 26 March, 2013.

Sons of Silence MC Bruce G Richardson grave
Sons of Silence MC Bruce G Richardson grave

Leonard Loyd Reed a.k.a JR – Former National President

Born on 12 September, 1947. He served in the Navy during the Vietnam War years and then joined the Sons of Silence Motorcycle Club around 1974. In the late 1970s he became the President of the Sons of Silence and would hold this role for over 20 years.

In the mid 1990s JR joined forces with Richard Lester, a Californian attorney, who was also a motorcycle rider. Together they formed the Colorado Confederation of Clubs. The confederation was a way to improve the communication between clubs, often providing a means to avoid unnecessary conflict. This network could also be used by the clubs to find legal assistance to battle against harassment and discrimination.

Leonard Loyd Reed died on 20 June, 2003 in Denver, Colorado.

Sons Of Silence MC Crime / In The Media

1980 – Sons of Silence member Steven W. Kressin kills the Outlaws MC National Vice President in Indianapolis using an AK47.

1984 – Bruce Gale Richardson, one of the Sons of Silence founders, is sentenced to 6 years in prison after hiring Robert Leslie Konitski to organise the May 1984 abduction of Dr. Michael Roark from a Buffalo, New York hotel. It was believed that Doctor Roark owed Bruce Richardson’s wife, Patricia Stranahan, approximately $260,000 after a failed business venture. The abduction was an attempt to retrieve some of this money after court proceedings to recover the funds had failed. As well as Patricia Stranahan, three others are sentenced in connection with the abduction, Michael Rattley, Robert Jordan and Ariel Falcon.

1993 – 17 April, 1993. Farmer Eugene Baylis from Peyton, located just outside of Colorado Springs, enters the “Jim and I” bar with an AK47, two handguns, a knife and four hand grenades and begins firing. Sons of Silence member Paul Klein “P.K”, who worked at the bar, is killed along with another patron. Many others are injured. Eugene Baylis claimed that that Paul Klein had shot him with a pellet gun earlier that day and that he had gone to the bar to detain Paul Klein until police had arrived. When Eugene Baylis arrived at the bar he was confronted by Paul Klein and had shot him in self defence. In 1995 Eugene Baylis was acquitted of murder charges.

1993 – August, 1993. Leonard Ray Shipley, a former President of the Sons of Silence is arrested and convicted for possession of methamphetamine, possession of a schedule II controlled substance with intent to distribute and possession of an incendiary device. Also as there were several weapons located during the execution of the search warrant on his home he was deemed a “special offender” (“The defendant used, displayed, possessed, or had available for use a deadly weapon”). He received a sentence of 24 years in prison.

1999 – 7-8 October, 1999. Beginning on the evening of Thursday 8 October just after dark and continuing on through the morning of Friday 9 October SWAT teams perform raids on 25 locations connected to the Sons of Silence in Colorado Springs, Commerce City and Fort Collins. The raids had come after two members of law enforcement had successfully infiltrated the club as part of an investigation in the distribution of drugs. 39 members of the club are arrested and 48 weapons including 24 automatic machine guns, four hand grenades, four pipe bombs, other hand made grenades and a silencer are seized. Also seized is $25,000 cash, 10 pounds of methamphetamine, eight Harley Davidson motorcycles as well as clubhouses at 941 S. Conejos St. in Colorado Springs and 8241 Brighton Road in Commerce City. Law enforcement claimed that the operation had significantly disrupted at least 3 Sons of Silence chapters.

The operation targeted the following individuals:

  • Andrew Dorrance, 37, Commerce City
  • Carey Hess, 38, Colorado Springs
  • Charles H. Corrigan, 48, Colorado Springs
  • Charles J. Jimenez, 41, Loveland
  • David Anderson, 41, Colorado Springs
  • David C. Armstrong, 43, Colorado Springs
  • Don A. Underwood, 39
  • Douglas A. Luckett, 40, Colorado Springs
  • Evan R. Biteman, 38, Fort Collins
  • Frank D. Pierson, 42, Colorado Springs
  • Jack C. Carpenter, 36, Colorado Springs
  • James Louchart, 46
  • Jason Reed, 25, Colorado Springs
  • Jerold W. Richardson, 44, Commerce City
  • Kena J. Verden, 31, Colorado Springs
  • Kevin C. Eaton, 45, Bailey
  • Leonard L. Reed, 52, Ramah
  • Mariam L. Schuster, 35, Colorado Springs
  • Mark A. Peterson, 20, Colorado Springs
  • Mark D. Landers, 39, Elbert
  • Mark G. Wagar , 48
  • Michael L. Sorg, 23, Littleton
  • Nicholas C. Cassavetes, Laporte
  • Patricia Pierson, 38, Colorado Springs
  • Ralph Collman, 52, Colorado Springs
  • Robert L. Bryant, 43, Colorado Springs
  • Robert L. Snodgres, 43, Lake George
  • Scott L. Hagerdon, 33, Commerce City
  • Sonja K. Duran, 38, Colorado Springs
  • Steven A. Bonin, 43, Englewood
  • Steven W. Kressin, 44, Colorado Springs
  • Terry A. Paris, 36, Colorado Springs
  • Terry Ives-Shaw, 41
  • Terry L. Nolde, 46, Colorado Springs
  • Vellia Morin, 39, Colorado Springs
  • Virgil Lee Ward, 32, Colorado Springs
  • Willard M. Rice, 33, Fountain

2012 – 8 April, 2012. Sons of Silence member in Terre Haute Phillip Mannebach is found guilty of participating in a meth organization throughout 2010, as well as being involved in an abduction.

2014 – May, 2014. Sons of Silence Kansas Chapter President Milton Charles Wilson, along with a woman, Kayla Pinkerton, is charged with transporting a minor across state lines for the purpose of prostitution. On 3 December, 2013, Charles Wilson placed an advertisement offering the minor for sexual activity. He picked up the child and took them to a hotel, as well as two other locations as well as also taking them to Kansas.

Sons Of Silence MC Books / Movies / TV

Sons of Silence TV – Gangland: Season 4 Episode 8

This episode of Gangland covers the infiltration by law enforcement of the Sons of Silence Motorcycle Club. Find out more on Amazon (link opens in a new tab).

Sons of Silence MC DVD Gangland Season 4
Sons of Silence MC DVD Gangland Season 4

Sons Of Silence MC Enemies and Allies

Sons Of Silence MC enemies:

Sons Of Silence MC allies:

Sons of Silence support clubs:

  • American Iron MC Denver
  • Defiant Souls MC
  • Deuces Wild MC
  • Prairie Rattlers MC
  • Silent Crew MC Bavaria / Freising
  • Silent Few MC
  • Silent Rebels MC
  • Silent Thunder MC
  • Solid Brotherhood MC
  • Southern Steel MC

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