The Breed MC (Motorcycle Club)

Breed MC is a one percenter motorcycle club formed in New Jersey in 1965, later moving HQ to Pennsylvania. Rivals include Hells Angels, Warlocks and Pagans.

This club should not be confused with Devils Breed MC or Lost Breed MC, who are unrelated.

Breed MC History

Breed MC was founded in 1965 in New Jersey.

The club expanded significantly around 1983 when the club attempted to patch over other one percenter clubs includes Aces and Eights MC, which was based in Riverside, New Jersey. A successful patching over of the club named Branded MC also occurred around this time. Later negotiations also happened with the Bandana MC in 1986-1987 to perform a patching over, with Breed Motorcycle Club maintaining control.

Breed MC Patch

The Breed MC patch looks similar to the flag of the United States of America, but with 13 stars in a circle and 13 red and white stripes. The 13 stars are intended to represent the 13 chapters that once existed for the club when they were at their strongest.

Breed MC Patch
Breed MC Patch

Breed MC Chapters

As of 2015 the membership numbers of the club are estimated to be in the range of 20-60 fully patched members.

The one percenter motorcycle club are based in the North East area of the USA, with some of the following chapters:

  • Breed MC Jersey
  • Breed MC Bristol PA / Breed MC Pennsylvania / Breed MC Penna
  • Breed MC Nomads
  • Breed MC Ohio
  • Breed MC South Jersey
  • Breed MC Trenton Bucks

Famous Breed MC Members

Salvatore DeIulio “The Old Man” – Breed MC President (National President) in the year 2000, however his current status in the club is unknown.

John Napoli “Junior” – Bristol Chapter President. Charged in relation to a crystal meth ring in July 2006.

Breed MC John Napoli Junior
Breed MC John Napoli Junior

John Kovacs “Shameless” – Jackson Chapter President.  Charged in relation to a crystal meth ring in July 2006.

Breed MC Crime / In The Media

March 1971 – Breed members are in a severe fight with at least 27 members of the Hells Angels MC at the Polish Women’s Hall in Cleveland, Ohio where there was a motorcycle trade show being held. It is believed that over 100 people were involved in the fight, with 4 Breed members and 1 Hells Angels stabbed to death. After police arrived a total of 57 motorcycle club members were arrested.

April 1997 to December 1998 – In early 2000 there were arrest warrants out for 10 members of the motorcycle club in relation to assaults at a strip club and other related crimes which occurred between April 1997 and December 1998. Five of the arrest warrants also included charges of extortion relating to the bar named “The Stars and Bars”, where one of the club’s owners was beaten and then forced to sign over his business. It is believed that these actions were taken after the club owner attempted to reduce the number of sexual assaults on the dancers. The charges were laid after 4 of the victims went to police, one of whom said that she had been “chained to the floor for several days, forced to engage in oral sex with several men and beaten severely.”

October 5th, 2002 – Three members of Breed Motorcycle Club, Sanford Gorzelsky, Scott Lear and Frederick DeCapua are charged with aggravated assault and robbery as well as several other charges after beating a man, who was possibly a former member of the club, with beer bottles.

July 21, 2006 – 15 members of Breed Motorcycle Club are charged in relation to a crystal meth operation, which the authorities had labelled “Operation Breed on a Wire”. Some of the charged include John “Junior” Napoli and John “Shameless” Kovacs. The ring is believed to have distributed 120 pounds of crystal meth between May 2005 and June 2006. In the raids the police also seized over 22 pounds of crystal meth, half a million dollars in cash, 44 firearms, 10 explosive devices, cars and 24 motorcycles.

Breed MC Property Of Patch
Breed MC Property Of Patch

Breed MC Books / Movies / TV

Breed MC DVD – Gangland; Season 5 by the History Channel.

Season 5, Episode 10 of the popular show from the History Channel features the history of The Breed Motorcycle Club. Find out more on Amazon (link opens in a new tab).

Breed MC DVD Gangland Season 5
Breed MC DVD Gangland Season 5

Breed MC Allies / Breed MC Enemies

Enemies of Breed Motorcycle Club include the following well known clubs:

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